SME Chamber participated during a conference by the Malta Sustainability Forum organised by APS Bank

The discussion focused on the Voluntary Occupational Retirement Pension

SME Chamber Vice President, Michael Galea, participated in a panel discussion during a conference by the Malta Sustainability Forum organised by APS Bank.
The panel discussed the outcome of the survey findings held recently by Misco for APS bank with the theme “Voluntary Occupational Retirement Pension” bridging the pension gap.

The conference focused on the pension sustainability and adequacy which were held through a broad spectrum of speakers, including the finance minister Mr Clyde Caruana, social partners, employers, unions and other local and foreign experts.

The topics addressed by Mr Galea revolved around the property dynamics, the knock on effect of the property market on the Maltese economy. The trust that the Maltese people have towards this sector in terms of capital appreciation and return on investment which can serve as a second pension when the owner of the property arrives at retirement age.

The take up of the Voluntary Occupational Retirement Scheme was also addressed and what challenges the market is facing to reach the targets that one expects after seven years from the launch in 2015.

As a way forward it is being recommended that an automatic enrolment pension scheme will replace the existing scheme so as to encourage more people taking on the second pillar pension even from an early stage from when a person gets employed. It is being recommended that this scheme will also have an opt out option.

Black Friday 2022 – SME Chamber launches new platform to promote Malta’s Black Friday deals

Visit for the latest black friday offers in Malta

The Malta Chamber of SMEs on Friday launched this year’s black friday campaign. For this year’s edition, the SME Chamber launch a new website,, a website to promote businesses black friday offers but also provides an easy tool for customers to search for offers.

This initiative was launch during a press conference addressed by the Minister for the Economy, European Funds and Lands Silvio Schembri. Minister Schembri said that this initiative provides a new tool for businesses and customers which makes Black Friday a more successful initiative.

Paul Abela, President of the SME Chamber, said that Black friday makes November a very important month for businesses. He encouraged more traders to offer offers on the new website.

Abigail Mamo, CEO of  the Malta s Chamber, said that customers will have the opportunity to search for offers either by category and sector or by the offer percentage, with available offers up to 70%, Ms Agius Mamo explained that businesses may include their offers by creating an account.


The first edition of the Malta Business Awards – 24 Businesses chosen as winners

On Friday evening 24 local businesses received the highest honours in the local business scene at the very first edition of the Malta Business Awards which took place at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

The Malta Business Awards were organized by the Malta Chamber of SMEs in partnership with Malta Enterprise to recognize the work of Maltese businesses, honouring some of the best businesses in various prestigious categories including the SME of the Year, Local Cultural Contributor, Gozo Business of the Year and the highest honour, the President’s Choice Award.

With over 300 nominations in the different categories presented, 100 finalists were chosen by independent judges during the first round, with the winners being chosen after a second round of judging following pitches put forward by the finalists.

The event was attended by over 550 people representing local businesses and major stakeholders in the industry.

The Minister for the Environment, Enterprise and Energy , Hon. Miriam Dalli said: “The first edition of the Malta Business Awards served as a showcase of our nation’s leading entrepreneurs and businesses, who despite the ongoing challenges still strive to produce and deliver excellent products and services. I look forward to seeing more businesses adopt innovative and sustainable solutions, giving their operations a competitive edge.

Paul Abela, President of the Malta Chamber of SMEs highlighted the fact that Maltese businesses had been waiting for an evening like this for a very long time and that it has now finally arrived.

Malta Chamber of SMEs CEO, Abigail Agius Mamo said that it was a great honour that together with Malta Enterprise such awards were created in order to recognize Maltese business.

Malta Enterprise CEO, Kurt Farrugia said: “Our country has a strong and resilient business community and our mission as Malta Enterprise is to see that Maltese business is further strengthened and that it regenerates itself to be stronger in its future endeavours. Our schemes are designed to support businesses in their path towards growth. Tonight’s awards are a celebration of all the good that Maltese and Gozitan businesses and workers have to offer.”


Press Release BUDGET 2023: A budget of continuation that safeguards Malta from energy price hikes but more action on other crucial challenges for business missing

The Malta Chamber of SMEs welcomes the continued confirmation that the Government will be extending the safety net of protecting Malta from the international hikes of energy prices. This is by far the biggest threat Malta is facing at the moment.

Another positive element found in this Budget is the extension and widening of the Rent Subsidy Scheme, as proposed by the Malta Chamber of SMEs, that will help Malta mitigate the impact of freight costs. Positively noted is the work being done to tackle issues with banking services and the increased importance being given to aesthetics in the development of buildings.

Apart from this the budget is a continuation of the 2022 budget, where it concerns SMEs.

Disappointingly, the Budget fails to effectively tackle other major challenges which are choking businesses. Very serious issues have merely been given a mentioned in this Budget speech, which falls too short from the action that Malta should be taking at the moment, as a stage of implementation.

The serious employment crisis, suffocating bureaucracy and impossible traffic, merited more than simply being mentioned in this budget. These issues are seriously affecting productivity and we cannot afford to start thinking of policies now, with no solution, nowhere on the horizon.

Malta Chamber of SMEs welcomes the European Parliament President at its offices

The Malta Chamber of SMEs welcome European Parliament President Roberta Metsola at its offices in Floriana. During this meeting, the SME Chamber discussed several issues currently effecting Maltese SMEs, such as employee shortage and shipping costs.

Both sides discussed also the energy crisis, currently effecting most European countries.

Pesident Metsola pledged she’ll continue to work in favour of Malta;s SMEs in the European Parliament and other European fora.

The SME Chamber was represented by President Mr Paul Abela, Deputy President Philip Fenech, Vice-President Noel Gauci, CEO Ms Abigail Agius Mamo, Head of Policiy Mr Andrew Aquilina, Head of Communications Mr Fabian Demicoli and Jamie Tanti.

Malta Chamber of SMEs starts its work as member of the Superyacht Steering Committee

Malta Chamber of SMEs representatives attended the first Superyacht Steering Committee, appointed by the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Hon. Aaron Farrugia. This committee is tasked with identifying the main challenges in place and to recommend changes aimed at improving the Superyacht industry.

The Malta Chamber of SMEs recognizes and understands the importance of the Superyacht industry in Malta. Moreover, we also acknowledge the current challenges in this industry, and the shortcomings and the deficiencies in this sector. ​​

During his introduction, Minister Aaron Farrugia said that the industry and stakeholders have a strong will to see this plan happen. With this new policy we can look at new horizons through which we continue to create jobs, diversify the Maltese economy while continuing to make our country a centre of maritime excellence. Minister Farrugia said that he listed the Government’s plans for Grand Harbour Regeneration and land reclamation.

Through recent discussion with a number of stakeholders and other representatives, have enabled the SME Chamber to make an objective analysis of the main issues encountered and the possible measures that can be taken to resolve these issues. This with the close collaboration of all industry players including the respective operators and authorities.

RESET: Align & Engage – Richmond Foundation Annual Conference 2022

Reset, Align, Engage – The Richmond Foundation – Malta Annual Conference will this year be shedding light upon how we can Reset ourselves, Align to a new reality and Engage actively to move forward.

Date: 14th of October at Villa Arrigo between 9am and 4pm
As both individuals and organisations are trying to build anew and adjust after two years of unprecedented challenges, burnout has become a predominant concern.
It has permeated many aspects of our lives. Feelings of exhaustion and helplessness have led people to re-evaluate their
This conference brings together a range of established speakers, both foreign and local, to discuss some of the most pertinent topics for 2022, including:
  •  Burnout in Healthcare: The Effect of Compassionate Leadership

  • Working from Home: The Benefits and the Pitfalls

  • Compassion Fatigue

  • Generational Differences at the Workplace: Millennials and Gen Z at Work

For more information and registration go to :…/…

Improving the banking experience for businesses remains high on the SME Chamber’s agenda

During a meeting with Economy Minister Silvio Schembri and Permanent Secretaries Ronald Mizzi and Jonathan Vassallo, the SME Chamber officials exchanged views on the importance of elevating the level of service across the board.

This includes proper customer care services, a client centric approach, automation and digital investments and streamlining the implementation of AML requirements.

The SME Chamber emphasised that the banking market was still not operating in a healthy manner, in fact big imbalances were still present and clients were not being served in a satisfying manner. A bigger effort needs to be put in place in order to give access to basic and good quality banking service and to increase the choice for clients and competition.

Minister Schembri said that the challenges in this area were not small ones and require actions which are deeper routed. The Minister explained that we should keep in touch in order or him to continue being the voice of businesses in this respect and to push for change. It is however sure that the government is sensitive to this reality and will work to ensure that there is fair access to basic services.

During this meeting the Malta Chamber of SMEs was represented by its CEO Ms Abigail Agius Mamo and Council Members Mr Mario Ciantar and Mr Beppe Muscat.