The Malta Chamber of SMEs

Representing local businesses for more than 75 years.

The Malta Chamber of SMEs (formerly GRTU – General Retailers and Traders Union – Association of General Retailers and Traders) – is Malta’s national organisation of independent private businesses. With over 7,000 members coming from 12,000 different business outlets, the SME Chamber represents the largest group of retailers of goods and services, contractors, distributors, wholesalers and independent technical and professional services.

The Malta Chamber of SMEs represents Maltese traders and retailers on various national fora including the Malta Council for Economic Development (MCESD),the Planning Authority, the Advisory Board of the National Organisation, the Fruit and

Vegetables Board, the Commission for the Self Employed, the Council for Consumer Affairs, the Traffic Control Board, Malta Enterprise and the Malta Development Bank.

SME Chamber policies have always been geared towards the fostering of private venture and the advancement of small and medium-sized owner managed enterprises. The SME Chamber believes that greater prosperity is within reach if commercial principles and practices rather than political ideology were to guide economic policy-making. The SME Chamber is subsidiary and a partner of Green MT, WEEE Malta Limited, Malta Energy Limited and Business first.


In 1948, a handful of retailers, despairing of individual effort to achieve any purpose with a deaf and dumb government in the interest of their neglected class, pooled their efforts, and at much personal sacrifice set the ball rolling for the institution of a retail traders association, which was fully recognised and constituted body known as the General Retailers Union. The objective of GRTU at that time was, and is, to gather together all the several sections of the retail trade in this country into one corporate body.

It was felt by GRTU promoters that to organize on sectional lines would disperse and waste the strength of the vast retail trading community as a whole. Power lies in the organized unity of the whole. Organization implies the application of maximum power under the direction of one acknowledged guiding force. Starting on virgin ground, the GRTU, or rather its early promoters, had to encourage and bring into being Retail Traders Sections, as well as creating and consolidating the foundations upon which the edifice of the GRTU was to be raised. This, to a great extent, has been achieved.

Retailers have been for long neglected as a class and their problems, all of which required careful handling with the government, particularly so since it has been found that the latter seemed to be prejudiced against the retailers.  Later on the official name became GRTU – General Retailers and Traders Union. Throughout the years GRTU have been the major organisation that continually campaigned for the rights of importers, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and service providers.

Nowadays the organisation represents over 90 sectors, from retail to financial sector, from educational institutions to fuel stations, amongst several others. After 72 years of history, in January 2020 the executive council unanimously approved the change in name, from GRTU to Malta Chamber of SMEs.

President and CEO

Paul Abela

Mr. Paul Abela has been President of the Malta Chamber of SMEs since 2007. As President Mr. Abela is tasked with managing and overseeing the Council work throughout the year. Coupled with a number of years managing various business ventures, currently Mr. Abela occupies the position of Chairman of Business First. Mr. Abela is also Chairman for Green MT and is a director various SME Chamber subsidiaries in particular on the WEEE Malta Ltd., Malta Energy Ltd. And the Malta Trade Fair Corporation.

In his capacity as SME Chamber President, on a national level, Mr. Abela is also a of board member of the Malta Enterprise Investment committee, board member of the Malta Development Bank, board member of the Malta Maritime Forum and a board member of the Central Business District Foundation.

As an individual, Mr Abela is skilled and expert in business planning and strategy, change management and negotiation.

President Contact

Abigail Mamo

Ms. Mamo has occupied the position of CEO since 2014. Ms. Mamo has held different positions within the Malta Chamber of SMEs since 2007. Her experience and expertise revolves around economics of competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises with a particular focus on SMEs.

Ms. Mamo is an experienced lobbyist and represents the interest of businesses on a number of high level fora. As CEO Ms. Mamo handles all official representation which includes representing the SME Chamber at the Malta Council for Economic and Social Affairs (MCESD).

In her capacity as CEO Ms. Mamo is also a Board Member of JobsPlus, Maternity Trust Fund Foundation, Employment Relations Board, Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST), Retail Price Index board, Occupational Health and Safety and Business 1st as subsidiary of Malta Chamber of SMEs.

CEO Contact


Philip Fenech

Having been part of the Council for over 25 years Mr. Fenech currently holds the position of Deputy President and mainly represents the Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure sectors within the SME Chamber. Mr. Fenech is also the representative of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development and the Building Industry Consultative Council (BICC). Mr. Fenech also holds the position of Chairman within the St. Julians / Paceville Town Centre Management. Additionally Mr. Fenech represents the town centre management on the Traffic Management Committee within Transport Malta, the Foundation for Tourism Zones Development being involved in a number of different AdHoc working groups and committees within the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) and is an alternative member on the Planning Authority Users Committee.

Deputy President Contact

Marcel Mizzi

Mr. Mizzi is mainly responsible with handling all Finance and Administration relations within the Malta Chamber of SMEs. Marcel Mizzi successfully managed various businesses including various retail and service enterprises throughout the years. Today, he is a qualified ICT consultant and an Internet application solution provider. Mr. Mizzi is involved in sustainable waste management solutions and hold the positions of Chairman within WEEE Malta Ltd. and a board member of GreenMT, both subsidiaries of the SME Chamber. Mr. Mizzi is also a board member of Energy Malta Ltd and Business 1st.

Additionaly Mr. Mizzi in his capacity as Vice-President is a board member Malta Trade Fair Corporation, board member on Premju Servizz bi Tbissima, Representative for Maltese SMEs on eInvoicing within the EU Commission, board member of the Cloud Forum, a member the eSkills Malta Foundation, board member Enterprise Consultative Council and a judge on the eBusiness Awards (MCA).

Within the SME Chamber Council, Mr. Mizzi represents a number of sectors and topics including; eCommerce and Web Developers, ICT, Education & eSkills, Single use plastics & sustainable waste management, WEEE and Packaging Directives, GDPR and Cyber Security.

Officer Contact

Sergio Camilleri

Mr. Camilleri mainly handles sectors within the Malta Chamber of SMEs and is currently President of the Fuel Stations Committee. Additionally Mr. Camilleri also represents Auto Parts, Auto Dealers, Car Rental & Leasing and Panel Beaters on the Council.

Council Member Contact

Michael Galea

Mr. Galea has been a member of the SME Chamber Council for the past 15 years, having held different positions within the council. Mr. Galea is today council member for districts and localities. In his capacity as SME Chamber Council Member, Mr. Galea is a board member of Malta Energy Ltd and represents the SME Chamber on the Gozo Regional Committee. Mr. Galea also represents Malta on the EU Commission Committee for the free movement of persons. As a seasoned entrepreneur owning a number a number of businesses ranging from Real Estate to Sale of Motor Vehicles, Mr. Galea mainly represents the interests of Gozitan businesses on the SME Chamber Council.

Council Member Contact

Noel Gauci

Mr. Gauci is currently a council member responsible for International Relations and have been a member of the council for over 11 years and also served as Vice-President Training and Development. Mr. Gauci represents the SME Chamber on topics related to Energy, Renewable Energy and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Additionally Mr. Gauci in his capacity as council member is also CEO of Malta Energy Ltd, a subsidiary of the SME Chamber.

Council Member Contact

Robert Micallef

Mr. Micallef joined the SME Chamber in 2020 and represents Educational Institutions and Office Supplies industry within the Council. In 2022 he was elected as Vice-President responsible for Training & Development.

Council Member Contact

Patrick Cutajar

Mr. Cutajar is tasked with handling the general Training and Development of Malta Chamber of SMEs council and its members. He has been a member of the SME Chamber for more than 22 years. and has occupied various positions . Mr. Cutajar represents the IT Sector.

Council Member Contact

Chris Vassallo

Mr. Vassallo has been a member of the SME Chamber council for the past 7 years and held various positions within the council including that of vice president for training and development. Mr. Vassallo served as Vice President for International Affairs and Mr. Vassallo represents the council on the Planning Authority Users Committee. Coupled with years of experience forming part of a multi generation family business, Mr. Vassallo is able to represent the interests and issues of local businesses particularly on construction, elderly care, blockchain and retail.

Council Member Contact

Joseph Zerafa

Mr. Zerafa has been serving as a council member for the past 25 Years and represents the Retail Sector. Mr. Zerafa forms part of the Mosta Business Community Committee within the Mosta Local Council. Additionally Mr. Zerafa is also a board member of WEEE Malta Ltd., a subsidiary of the SME Chamber.

Council Member Contact

Dino Fino

Having joined the SME Chamber in 2018, Mr. Fino mainly represents the Importers & Retailers of Home & Contract Furniture on the SME Chamber Council.

Council Member Contact

Joan Haber

Ms. Joan Haber has held different positions within the SME Chamber and on different boards including the of Vice-President for Training and Development, Chairperson of Employment Tribunal, Users Committee member within the Planning Authority and a member of the National Employment Authority. Ms. Haber today sits on the board as a council member and mainly represents the Craft Sector and the Weddings & Events sector within the SME Chamber. Additionally Ms. Haber in her capacity as Council Member represents Malta on the Advisory Committee for Vocational Training within the EU Commission.

Council Member Contact

Marthese Micallef

A chartered accountant by profession, Ms. Micallef has been serving the SME Chamber Council for the past 3 years and represents retail shops in the toiletries and food stuff. Through her expertise in the subject, Ms Micallef also gives her input on financial and fiscal measures.

Council Members Contact

Beppe Muscat

Mr.Muscat is a Certified Public Accountant and Managing Director at NM Group.

Council Member Contact

Carmel Zammit

Mr. Zammit has been a member of the SME Chamber Council for over 25 years and is the President of the Hauliers sectoral committee within the Malta Chamber of SMEs.

Council Member Contact

Mario Ciantar

Mr. Ciantar represents Cargo Handling, Freight Forwarding, customs Clearance, Crane Hire, Heavy Lifts, Project Cargo, Packing and Storage on the SME Chamber Council.

Council Member Contact

Dr Claire Shoemake

Dr Claire Shoemake is a Pharmacist by profession and a lecturer at the University of Malta.

Council Member Contact


Andrew Aquilina

Having Joined the SME Chamber in 2017, Mr. Aquilina is in charge of all EU and National Policy. Mr. Aquilina handles the drafting of various position papers submitted by the SME Chamber and is in charge with the overall consultation process with members coming from different sectors. Mr. Aquilina also assists individual members with specific issues and enquiries. Mr. Aquilina is particularity involved in issues related to Transport, Employment Law and Local Council issues. Mr Aquilina represents the SME Chamber on the Traffic Management Committee, the Malta Business Disability Forum, the SME United Social Affairs Committee and participates in various MCESD sub-committees.

Head of Policy Contact

Fabian Demicoli

Mr. Demicoli joined the SME Chamber in 2019 and is in charge with managing all communication activities within the Malta Chamber of SMEs including media relations, social media and website. Mr. Demicoli is also tasked with drafting and issuing of press releases while handling communication with different media houses.

Additionally Mr. Demicoli handles all EU affairs including EU projects applications, delegations and assisting members with identifying funds available for their business. Mr. Demicoli represents the SME Chamber on the Joint Stakeholder Working Committee (JSWC), EU Monitoring Committee and the Youth Guarantee Forum.

Head of Communications & EU Affairs Contact

Jamie Tanti

Jamie Tanti

EU Affairs and Funding Executive Contact

Liz Said Curmi

Ms. Said Curmi has been working at SME Chamber for the past 26 years. As Membership Relations Executive, she responsible for all Chamber’s members. Her responsibilities include listening to and identifying members’ diverse issues and carry these to the respective committees/CEO. She meets and liaises with all new members to ensure that they are involved and assisted. Ms. Said Curmi communicates information to members, including Government decisions affecting members. Additionally Ms. Said Curmi organises and attends committee meetings while assisting in the organisation of meetings, events and conferences. She maintains membership records and process collection of renewal subscriptions.

On certain issues Ms. Said Curmi brings together diverse members to help create new sections within the Associations. Ms. Said Curmi also holds the license of Insurance Intermediary a service which the SME Chamber offers to members at a discounted rate. Other responsibilities include the preparation for investigations related to issues, respond to queries, assist and in helping the association achieve its overall mission and in giving our members a positive customer service experience.

Member Relations Executive Contact

Diane Scerri Gauci

Ms. Diane Scerri Gauci has been working within the Chamber of SMEs since 2006. Initially starting off as a Personal Assistant to the Director General. Today Ms. Scerri Gauci works closely with the SME Chamber members mainly assisting with complaints, account related issues, updating of memberships and other queries arising from time to time. Ms. Scerri Gauci also compiles and submits a number of Maternity Trust Fund applications on behalf of our members. Finally Ms. Scerri Gauci also handles payroll and other administrative duties.

Client Support & Administration Contact

Bernice Sammut

Ms. Sammut has been working with the Malta Chamber of SMEs for the past 10 years. Formerly acting as a Personal Assistant to the President and the Executive Council along with administering the office on a daily basis. Today Ms Sammut handles a number of member’s related issues and also assists members in submitting their Micro Invest Applications. Additionally Ms Sammut, handles tasks in relation to accountancy, bookkeeping and financials.

Client Support and Accountancy Contact

Nathalie Attard

Ms. Attard assist in the overall administrative duties required and Is particularly in charge with keeping members data up to date with the correct details. Additionally Ms. Attard assists the Members’ Relations Executive with the day to day upkeep of memberships and renewals.

Data Entry Clerk Contact

Claire Sinagra

Ms. Sinagra joined the SME Chamber in 2019 and currently handles the front desk, being the first reference point for general calls and emails, Ms Sinagra handles the day to day office duties and acts as a personal assistant to the President, the CEO and the Council with their daily administrative requirements.

PA & Front Desk Contact

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The Malta Chamber of SMEs represents over 7,000 members from over 90 different sectors which in their majority are either small or medium sized companies, and such issues like the one we're experiencing right now, it's important to be united. Malta Chamber of SMEs offers a number of different services tailored to its members' individual requirements' and necessities. These range from general services offered to all members to more individual & bespoke services catered for specific requirements.

A membership with Malta Chamber of SMEs will guarantee that you are constantly updated and informed with different opportunities which will directly benefit your business and help you grow. It also entails you to a number of services which in their majority are free of charge and offered exclusively to its members (in their majority all free of charge).