Founded in 1948/9, the Malta Chamber of SMEs (former GRTU) is one of the leading constituted bodies and social partner recognised at law representing owners of small and medium enterprises and is today considered to be the major organisation that continually campaigns for the rights of importers, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and service providers on a global level. The Malta Chamber of SMEs is a non-political organisation that serves as the small businesses’ voice within government departments and state corporations and authorities and has gained wide recognition both on a national level as well as worldwide. The SME Chamber is led by a President and 16 voluntary Council Members, while the staff is composed of the Chief Executive Officer, the executives dealing with the local and locality issues, an EU and International Desk, a team of executives dealing with the environment laws and obligations and the back office who take care of secretarial duties and membership collection.

“The Malta Chamber of SMEs (former GRTU) is a non-political organisation that serves as the voice of SMEs”

Abigail Mamo


Abigail Mamo has occupied the position of CEO of the Malta Chamber of SMEs for the last 5 years. Her experience and expertise revolve around economic topics of competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises, especially SMEs. She is an experienced lobbyist and represents the interest of businesses on a number of high level fora.

Paul Abela


Paul Abela is the President of the Malta Chamber of SMEs (former GRTU), a position he has been successfully occupying since 2007. Currently Mr Abela occupies the position of Chairman of Business First, the position of director at the Malta Development Bank, board member of the Malta Enterprise Board, board member of the Malta Maritime Forum and member of the Central Business District Foundation. As an individual, Mr Abela is skilled and experienced in business planning and strategy, change management and negotiation.

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