Fabian Demicoli

Who Reigns ‘Supreme’ in Gozo

 The Gozo Bus Owners Associations is upset at the way its members are being continuously driven out of business by an unfair level playing field. After having stood up over two years of negotations with Government in respect to liberalisation, and after finally coming to an agreement, it now transpires that unfair competition is currently occurring in Gozo in their regard, with the blessing of the Authorities concerned.


An operator currently in laison with a Maltese enterpreneur has four open top buses in Gozo and we are well informed that not only is he operating hop on hop off trips but also effecting day tours with the same buses.

ADT officials were earlier this week in Gozo to discuss a number of issues with different operators in the transport sector in Gozo. As usual the Minister involved feels that GRTU, as official representatives of the Gozo Bus Owners Association, does not need to be informed of such meetings. Undoubdedtly one wonders where one gets to with such tactics…maybe some Ministers  have different agendas for different people and different Associations.

However, GRTU Malta Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises, is blessed with the heavenly fact that both Gozo and Malta are really small and even a whimper is heard all over the place. GRTU wants to make it absolutely clear to the Authorities concerned that the transport sector in Gozo is one of a kind for each and everyone. What is good for the goose is good for the …

Our members are on the continuous lookout for infringments to the norm…in the beehive we are told that these open top buses will shortly be able to collect passengers from the current bus stops available in Gozo. Unless ADT or Transport Malta want a war or really want to mess up the summer months for many visitors and Maltese too, then we would ask them to treat each and every one on the same basis.

‘Supreme' has its own explanation in my dictionary…and we asume that this is not taken for granted in an island where it seems that might is right. If over the days to come GRTU and GBOA see that someone ‘Supreme' is trying to take over a sector in Gozo, then it will be time to communicate in a different language.

Until now our language has been always to sit down and discuss, today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow until we reach an agreement. However in life there are limits to limits. When one sees bread and butter being taken away in an unfair and unlevel playing field, and the Authorities and their officials just sit there and do nothing about it , then it would seem someone ‘Supreme' has their blessing! We do hope its not the case…time will however tell…as the proof is in the pudding…TM…wake up before  the situation gets worse.

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