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We stand for enterprise “Unashamedly”

  GRTU today welcomed to its head office Dr Joseph Muscat, new leader of the Malta Labour Party. "It is very easy to understand GRTU" said Paul Abela, President of the GRTU.

"We stand for enterprise unashamedly. We represent that section of the population that prefers to fend for itself, use its private initiative, employs people and creates wealth. What we request from politicians is that they back us. We do not expect them to propose instruments that make life more difficult for enterprise and are there to stand and counted when issues affecting small business owners are raised in Parliament", continued Mr Abela. 

"This is our stand on the reform of commercial property renting and our stand on most issues. We do not represent land holders and property owners. Property ownership is an important store of wealth for our members. It represents the fruit of our labour, but our prime interest is in cultivating the tree that makes the fruit grow and ripen, that is enterprise." With these words Paul Abela welcomed Dr Muscat and introduced him to the members of the National council of GRTU.

Several prominent issues were brought up, the most important ones being the problems the increase in surcharge and diesel prices are creating. Another being the credit cards complaint GRTU had voiced earlier in 2007, present due to the disregard of banks and that of the responsible authorities in taking action.

The Rent Reform was mentioned with GRTU giving its formal written position to both the Government and  opposition. GRTU's formal written position was also given on the reform of MEPA. GRTU spoke of its action in the Charter of Small Business towards which still much still needs to be done, this we hope will be achieved through the Small Business Act. 

GRTU voiced its concerns on the representation of small businesses in Parliament now that the Parliamentary Secretary for Small Businesses and the Self Employed no longer exists.

Other issues raised were: transport to Gozo, sandy beaches at St Paul's Bay, registration tax, animal waste, access to finance, port tariffs, POYC, sea departure tax and the energy saving scheme.

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