Fabian Demicoli

WasteServ should publish amounts of Recyclables collected through Local Councils

Green MT, the National Authorised Packaging Waste Compliance
Scheme has repeatedly asked WasteServ to publish online the weekly amounts of
recyclables collected by both Schemes, (Greenpak Co-op & Green MT) every

This information is already available online in
relation to "mixed waste" collection, again after this was requested by Green
MT, over two years ago.

It is very important that Local Councils can access
environmental information and be able together with Schemes to take any action
deemed necessary to increase collection figures of packaging waste.

Our request to publish information of recyclables
should have no objection by WasteServ as since Jan 01, 2013 both recovery
Schemes use the services of the same MRF facility for recovery of the grey or
green bag.

In discussions held with the new administration at
WasteServ, they state that "prima-facie" they see no problem in doing this as
the information is available and there are no IT problems of any nature.

If this is the case, we see no reason why WasteServ
should not move on and place these figures online as of January 01, 2013.

Another suggestion to the same issue would be to
change the accessibility feature on WasteServ's main website page. Currently to
access information related to mixed waster collected from Local Councils, one
has to click on "Company Statistics". This is misleading and should be changed
to "Local Councils Statistics".

We continue to strive and work hard to make sure that
environmental information is provided online for our Local Councils and
citizens across Malta & Gozo. Whilst for some, such an issue looks so
simple, it seems that through tangled bureaucracy or the lack of taking
decisions continues to grind the wheels. Let's move on.

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