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WEEE: Well ahead of competitor

Over three hundred members have already signed their letter of intent to join Green MT s Waste Packaging Compliance Scheme, once Eco Contribution exemption is granted by Government. In itself this is a tremendous achievement when considering that recruitment to the Scheme was launched just over a week ago.

This clearly shows that Maltese importers and traders, together with the manufacturing industry, have decided to make sure that they will take on their legal obligations by joining Green MT s National Compliance Scheme.

"Despite all the setbacks and misleading information given by other parties who should know better, many Waste Packaging producers out there have shown their commitment and support to this National Scheme. We have built an infrastructure to logistically make sure that this National Scheme will reach its obligations. We are assured by the authorities that they will let go of Eco Contribution in respect to WEEE products and Waste Packaging resulting from current Eco Contribution payers." states Green Mt CEO, Joe Attard.

Green MT limited was also issued a permit to run a WEEE Scheme in March 2008. Discussions with leading companies involved in the importation of Electrical and Electronic Equipment have been going on since early 2007 and the Scheme is now only awaiting Government to exempt its members from Eco Contribution for the logistical operation of this Scheme to move on. Exemption Procedure has still to be put in place.

Agreements with a number of stakeholders are already in place for this operation to be totally and holistically in place. Official information released by MEPA currently states that WEEE market placement registered to date stands at 7900 tons.

Green MT proudly announces that over 5500 tons are already registered with the Green MT WEEE Scheme and further more is even more pleased to announce that all those who have registered with MEPA as producers of CATEGORY 1, being Large Household Appliances, are all members of Green Mt Limited. 

Individual Category meetings are scheduled for early November 2008 (so please keep a look out for your Category Meeting on GRTU newString). All registered Scheme members will be also contacted directly.


In respect to Eco Contribution Exemption, both GRTU and Green MT have had continuous discussions with Government on this subject matter and we are proud to note that we have been working hand in hand with Government over the last months to make sure that LN 74 of 2008, issued in February 2008, is actually implemented accordingly.

In this respect two Legal Notices are currently at Draft stage and will soon be out for public consultation. These are:

The Waste Recovery Scheme Regulations 2008

Eco Contribution (Granting of Refunds and Approval of Waste Recovery Facilities) Regulations, 2008.

GRTU and Green MT were very instrumental in building the new holistic approach to Waste Management Strategy in respect to WEEE and Waste Packaging Compliance. Our logistical Schemes are not based on paper work exercises but on real time solutions aimed at providing a not for profit service to its members.

Continued discussions with Waste Serv have now effectively created a tendering mechanism for end result resource being sold from this facility. Where before Waste Serv used to pay for separated waste to be taken, now all fractions provide a positive contribution. We are proud to have made this happen together with the collaboration of the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs.

Without fail Green MT has also been working with Government to make sure that Waste Recovery Schemes operate on a fair and level playing field. This has been an exercise which will accordingly ensure that Compliance Schemes are not merely a paperwork exercise but are effectively doing what their permit obliges them to do.

There is still a lot to be done in Waste Management Strategy locally, this is only the beginning. Green MT Limited will abide to the concept of a fair and level playing field. In retrospect every other Scheme in the market would have to do the same.

In all our logistical build-up Green Mt has involved the Local Councils Association  and intends to continue to do so, both with further discussions and by providing fiscal incentives to these Local Councils in respect to the collection of Waste resource from their locality.

Green MT continues to take on members for both Schemes. Without fail the figures already show that both Schemes will be a National success story.

Today, we continue to insist with all Bona Fede traders to register their market placement both for WEEE and Waste Packaging with the Competent Authority. Green MT limited can help you do this, so those who have as yet not registered are truly a phone call away.

Green MT staff can be contacted by phone on 21 232881/3 or mobile 99041462.

Green MT's price list is available on




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