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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment The Launch of ‘WEEE Malta’

GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs will in the coming week launch ‘WEEE Malta’ through its fully owned subsidiary Green Mt. GRTU is the only constituted body in Malta that has taken the responsibility of making sure that producers/importers of both packaging and now Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) comply to their legal obligations.

Since early 2007, GRTU had taken the initiative with the then government to take up this environmental responsibility by establishing Green MT.

In fact WEEE was Green MT’s first priority back then since Legal Notice 63 of 2007 obliged companies to cater for their environmental legal obligations as of August 2007. This was not to be despite the fact that Green MT had also obtained a permit to operate the WEEE Scheme early in 2008.GRTU has striven to encourage the removal of Eco Contribution of Electrical  and Electronic Equipment and the implementation of WEEE. And once again Green MT commends Government for taking a step in the right environmental direction.

Once this legislation is published, the WEEE Directive will come into effect, and will be implemented in practice in Malta. GRTU seeks effective results on policy measures and does not merely treat such issues as matters to be spoken about and shelved. Green MT has  now gained extensive experience from the packaging operations and will not be held back from ensuring that a fair and level playing field is not in place.

WEEE Malta, which will be launched in the coming week, does not intend to re-invent the wheel but intends to make life simpler for producers/importers who are now obliged to comply to this legislation. Reporting will be in the simplest format possible and the Scheme will still make sure that this is being reported in ‘bona fide’.

WEEE Malta will insist with the respective authorities, and those being currently set up (The Environment Authority), that the respective inspectorates have to be on the ball at all times. This is imperative for the implementation of this Directive and Green MT will aid the authorities to get enforcement on the right path.

It has been drawn to our attention that certain sources may be implying that the compliance to WEEE is being offered for free by a particular entity or organization. One must realise that whether in the short-term or a long-term, a service comes at a cost. Environmental compliance has its benefits yet naturally also comes at a cost to one and all and therefore one should not be deceived by statements claiming otherwise. The WEEE directive includes 60 % of products that did not fall under the Eco Contribution regime so it is understandable that prices for these products will increase. However there could also be a decrease in a number of products that were previously part of the Eco Contribution regime. It is wrong to say that the Government has only changed the Eco Contribution from one type of tax to another by implementing the WEEE Directive. The WEEE Directive is one Directive that has to be taken care of by producers or their representatives. Governments of EU Member States cannot be involved in the implementation of this Directive and Malta did well to go to that direction.

WEEE Malta augurs that there will be a smooth transition from Eco Contribution to WEEE Directive requirements and furthermore outlines the need for stakeholders to keep on meeting around the table to monitor what takes place in the market as of early of September. Where necessary, old ways of doing things need to change, and change should be welcomed as it brings about new business opportunities.

WEEE Malta welcomes every importer of electrical and electronic equipment to its launch coming week. A communication will be sent to all prospective members outlining venue and date.

WEEE Malta is an Authorised WEEE Compliance Scheme and can be contacted on 21 496965/6 during office hours or on 79002263or 99041462.










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