Fabian Demicoli

Vince Farrugia supports important paper at EESC on personal social. Health and educational services

European Economic and Social Committee
(EESC) employers` representative at EESC has this week attended the
Consultative Committee for Industrial Change meeting where an EESC draft paper,
for which Mr Pezzini is rapporteur, "Trends
and consequences of future developments in the area of personal social, health
and educational services industries in the European Union" was

The EESC believes
that in Europe, personal social, health and educational services form an important
cornerstone of the European social model. These services, which are
interdependent and mutually reinforcing in their effectiveness, form a
"golden triangle" essential to the smooth functioning and quality of

The EESC believes
that more awareness is needed of the fact that as the population ages and
demand for care grows due to the falling number of family caregivers (due,
inter alia, to the growing participation of women in the labour market), better
planning and programming has become essential, in terms of requirements and
training for healthcare workers on the one hand, and in terms of budgetary
funding priorities on the other.

The sector is very
important in terms of its contribution to EU gross domestic product, the
significant employment prospects it offers in terms of job and new-business
creation, as well as its capacity to deliver innovative, quality responses to
the structural changes and needs in European society.

Mr Farrugia stated that in the same way
in which we managed great success with Airbus by verticalising, we have to do
the same with the health sector. A list of qualified persons should be made
available as even though there is supply in Malta, for example, we still end up
employing people from Bangladesh and India. As far as possible such employment
should be filled by EU nationals. 

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