Fabian Demicoli

Vince Farrugia and Green MT

Certain big mouths like to refer to the National waste management and compliance scheme, Green MT, as "the company of Vince Farrugia" or even  stating that Green MT was established to enrich Vince Farrugia and the GRTU. These claims are not only ridiculous but put to shame whoever states them.


Anyone can verify with the MFSA and establish that Green MT is a company owned 99% by GRTU and 1% by Vince Farrugia in his capacity as Chief Officer of GRTU, a requirement necessary at law. Green MT is a not for profit organsiation depending on its income on payments made by the 247 members. These payments are made according to the volume of recyclable materials collected and covering the legal requirements of each paying member. In order to fulfill its functions GRTU signs agreements with the 41 Local Councils in who's localities in total more than 70% of the recyclable waste is collected.  And Green MT also collects from private sector, large enterprises that produce large volumes of recyclable waste. In its operations GRTU engages 69 private suppliers as it is GRTU's and Green MT's policy not to compete directly with any private supplier of service. No profit is made on the total cost of the operation and therefore no money goes to GRTU as any positive balances are ploughed back as advantages to the contracting Local Councils through various schemes and projects to the benefit of the local community and financed by Green MT and to the individual members of Green MT in the form of increased services and direct lowering of fees payable to Green MT.

Vince Farrugia is Chairman of the Board of Directors and as part of his functions as Director General of GRTU, he does not receive any remuneration from Green MT and not even in the form of other benefits. Anything stated to the contrary by whoever, are sheer lies.

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