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Valletta Embellishment works carried our between weeks 40 and 42

Daily Bulletin

21st October 2010

Masonry works in Opera house

Continuation of clearing out of demolished waste material on Freedom Square


Alteration of chute in the Tunnel

Trial pit survey and assessment of structures

Borehole drilling in the Tunnel

Commencement of cabling for safety lighting throughout the site

CCTV cabling works

Finishes to Accommodation (handrails, walkways, furnishing)

20th October 2010

Clearing of demolition debris on freedom Square

Exportation of material through the chute via Ditch

CCTV installation in Ditch

Borehole drilling in Tunnel

Opera House restoration: opening of blocked doorways

Finishes to the accommodation

Pedestrian/vehicles segregation throughout the site

Commencement of Wheel washes operation

19th October 2010

Exploratory excavation of small tunnel under City Gate Bridge

Plumbing of cabins

Electric works in Ditch

CCTV installation (cabling)

Chute setting out

Borehole drilling in the Yellow Garage

Protection of vibration instrumentation in the Tunnel

Trial Pit on the City Gate Bridge

Trial Pit near the BOV / Police Station

19th October 2010

Transport Malta:

Re enforcing protection grills at Archbishop Street

City Gate:

Setting out of cabins in Ditch

Boreholes drilling in the Yellow Garage

Trial Pit on the City gate Bridge

Clearing of demolished materials on Freedom Square

Chute setting out in Tunnel

14th October 2010

Transport Malta 

digging of holes at Merchant Street

Fixing of permanent pedestrian bollards at Archbishop Street

City Gate

Geothermal boreholes

Trial pits at city gate

Demolition of the loggia

Construction of steps to the accommodation

Site electrical installations – general lighting etc

Commence CCTV installation

OH restoration works

Wheel washes testing

13th October 2010

Transport Malta 

Fixing of parking markers at St Christopher Street

Digging of holes at Merchant Street

City Gate (Bovis)

Demolition of loggia under Pope Pius

Geothermal boreholes

Trail pit son city gate bridge

Plumbing and electrical connections to the site accommodation

Completion of hoarding works

General welding works e.g. making covers for MDB's and smoking shelters

Working late tonight removing cornices etc to City Gate

12th October 2010

Transport Malta 

Fixing of pedestrian bollards at Archbishop Street

City Gate (BOVIS)

Geothermal boreholes in yellow garage

Demolition of the loggia under Pope Pius

Plumbing and wiring of the site accommodation units

OH restoration works, masonry works

Trial pits on City Gate

11th October 2010

Transport Malta

Fixing of numbers and color coding signs at Merchant Street and Archbishop Street

BOVIS – City Gate

Geothermal boreholes in yellow tunnel

Welding of handrail to the new temporary staircase, and then opening the staircase

Closing of the hoarding upon opening of the staircase

Scarifying the ramp to the yellow tunnel

Plumbing to the site cabins

Clearing of demolition material

Commence demolition of the loggia under Pope Pius working from St James Cavalier towards City Gate

Restoration of the Opera House – masonry works

8th October 2010

Transport Malta

Fixing of pedestrian bollards at Merchant Street 


Inspection of the St James Cavalier footpath, BLL/AP & TBA, now that demolition is complete. It appears to be on rock so we hope to reopen the footpath by lunchtime.

Breaking up of demolition waste

Inspection of the new staircase with BLL/GHRC/AP/Polidano

Erection of the staircases to the accommodation in the ditch

Geothermal boreholes

Instrumentation monitoring

Opera House – Erection of safety fencing, Restoration of masonry

7th October 2010

Transport Malta 

fixing of pedestrian bollards at Merchant Street


Closing the St James Cavalier footpath (agreed with St James Cavalier)

Continue demolition of the loggia adjacent St James cavalier

Continue demolition of shops adjacent St James Cavalier once item 1 above complete

Geothermal boreholes in the tunnel

Instrumentation monitoring

Installation of the accommodation in the Ditch

Terracore marking out services with the utilities in preparation to commence       trial pits on the City Gate bridge

5th October 2010

Paving Works 

Fixing of pedestrian bollards and parking markers at Merchant Street


Demolition of Freedom Square shops

Geothermal boreholes

Installation of accommodation cabins in the ditch

Trial pits in the ditch

OH restoration works

3d survey of the OH

Instrumentation monitoring

Snagging of the hoarding

4th October 2010

Preparatory demolition works

OH restoration works

Installation of site accommodation

Geothermal boreholes

Completion of hoarding works

Trial pits in the ditch

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