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Use of the Common European RFID Sign

The European Commission welcomes these Guidelines on the Use of the Common European RFID Sign, which it initiated in 2010 in order to provide relevant additional support to the work specified in Section 11 and Annex E ("Common European RFID Emblem and Sign") of the Coordinated ESO response to Phase 1 of EU Mandate M4361.


The purpose of the common European sign is to support the raising of public awareness as to the presence of RFID and thereby build greater confidence and trust in RFID applications across Europe. In order to achieve this purpose it is important that there is consistency in the way the common European sign appears and also in how, where and how often it is displayed. This guidelines for use document focuses upon the use and deployment or the common European sign.

The foundational reference to the common European sign is the European Commission RFID Recommendation.

The RFID Recommendation wording deliberately draws a close alignment with the European Data Protection Directive and the European ePrivacy Directive.

These voluntary guidelines exist primarily to assist those deploying the common European sign.

Through appropriate and consistent application of the common European sign, consumers benefit from being notified in a way which neither confuses nor alarms them. It is recognised that many of those who will implement the common European sign will not have benefited from participating in its development and therefore may need or appreciate guidance. Thereby this document supports the wider European adoption of RFID applications through establishing broader public confidence and trust.

This document provides a detailed level consideration of the practical consequences of a broad range of public domain RFID application implementations and, the practical considerations of introducing the common European RFID sign. It has been developed referencing the ‘RFID in

Europe' public document "D5.1.3.1 & 2 Call for ideas – or – Compilation of existing signs and their conditions of use "Guidelines For Use" Position Paper "9.

The guidelines complement initiatives defining the design of the common European RFID sign and, including initiatives related to the common European RFID sign's standardization.

Those interested can contact GRTU for the guidelines document.

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