Fabian Demicoli

Unacceptable situation at the Deep Water Quay Laboratory

GRTU has the week written to the Prime Minister following the meeting held on the 3rd May 2012. Amongst the issues GRTU raised was the question of the unnacceptable delays that cargo hauliers (burdnara) are made to suffer by VGT at the Deep Water Quay/Labaratory Wharf to manage the loading and unloading of trailers from Euro Cargo Valencia and other ro-ro vessels. An average load of 180 – 200 containers/trailers required an average of 8 tug-masters to manage the unloading efficiently.

VGT is, however putting in service only 2 tug-masters (eg: Monday 28th May, between 10.30am until 2.45p.m only 2 tug-masters and no inspectors from Malta Transport where on site to monitor) with traders with perishable goods and in need of urgent delivery literally screaming for an acceptable service.


This issue has been going on for months. This is in addition to other mismanagement that should be under the Supervision of the Public Regulator. GRTU has written to VGT and met Senior VGT Officials. We have written to Malta Transport and met the Malta Transport, CEO Dr Stanley Portelli urging him to take remedied action. We have raised the matter with the Ministry and lately on two saparate occasions with the Prime Minister himself in the presence of Dr Simon Busuttil.


It is incredible that the situation continues in it’s despicable and absolutely non-acceptable state of service. It cannot be that Government continues to tolerate a situation which benefits only VGT, who in spite of their original promises have not invested to meet their obligation at law. GRTU charges Government with this responsability, as in the absence of affective action by the Public Regulation, Government is directly responsible.


GRTU has asked the Prime Minister for an urgent action from his end as GRTUhave given up on the Regulator.


Unless the situation is affectively remedied GRTU will hold a press conference and demand the resignation of the responsible individuals and reserves the right to take immediate industrial action. You yourself stated last Sunday that people need to be “esteemed” and not just listened to Burdnara and traders are not being esteemed.


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