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Two letters make EU market yours!

With just two letters you can indicate that your product complies with the EU legislation, making it eligible to be sold throughout the European Union. That is the CE marking.


Since 1993 this label gives you access to the entire European market, including the 27 European Union countries as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

By affixing the CE mark to your product, you indicate its compliance with the necessary legislation and avoid having to obtain individual approvals from each of the 30 national authorities, thereby reducing costs and the administrative burden.

Not all products need to bear the CE marking. It applies to about 24 product categories, from toys and electrical equipment to medical devices. You can find out whether your product requires CE marking at the "Requirements" section of the Export Helpdesk or by accessing the full list of product categories.

Interesting to manufacturers

Whether you are based in Europe or elsewhere, you must affix the CE marking to your product if required. By using it, you are declaring that your product complies with the legal requirements in force in Europe.

The affixing of the CE marking may be done either by the manufacturer himself or by an authorised European representative.

For some products it is necessary to have an authorised third party (the so called Notified Bodies) involved in the assessment procedure. To check the list of assessment bodies, check the NANDO database.

Interesting to importers

While manufacturers are responsible for ensuring product compliance and adding the CE marking, importers also play an important role in making sure that only products complying with EU legislation are placed on the market.

If the goods have been produced outside the EU and the manufacturer has no representative in Europe, importers must verify that the manufacturer has taken the necessary steps to ensure the conformity of the product and that the documentation is available if requested.

If you market the goods under your own name, you take over the manufacturer's responsibilities. That means you must have sufficient information on the design and production of these products, as you will be assuming the legal responsibility for using the CE marking.

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