Fabian Demicoli

Towards a waste packaging managing scheme- Government must now act decisively

 Green MT Ltd is earnestly awaiting MEPA to issue the necessary licences to get GRTU’s own waste packaging scheme into action.

Joe Attard, the CEO of Green MT Ltd is determined to make Green MT’s packaging waste management scheme a success.

“This is not for profit organisation started on the initiative of GRTU on behalf of producers and importers of electrical and electronic products who are now responsible for the collection and recycling of all packaging material introduced by them in the Maltese market” explained Joe Attard.

Currently these entrepreneurs pay 12 million eco-tax to Government. Many leaders pay, unfortunately however many other evade. Those who pay are not relieved of their responsibility of law as eco-tax as it should does not relieve entrepreneurs of their responsibility at law as “polluters”.
“Eco-tax as it stands is a silly law argues” Joe Attard, “Government gets the money collected but this is not even so those who evade compete unfairly with those who pay regularly, yet all remain liable at law as polluters”.
Speaking on this issue to potential scheme members GRTU’s Director General Vince Farrugia assured would be participants that:

  • GRTU is insisting with Government for the reform of eco-contribution. It is an unjust law that discriminates badly among businesses, castigating the few and releasing the many.



  • On enforcement: enforcement is grossly unjust as it is currently managed. Government sets an annual figure that it sets to collect. Once this figure is in  Government disregards all evaders.

  • GRTU expects Government to approve GRTU’s Green MT scheme and publish immediately after the rules governing the refunding or exemption from payment of eco-tax to participating scheme members.

Vince Farrugia’s bold demands have the support of all major players. “GRTU is determined to cause Government to see sense, get the eco-taxation reform moving and sell the stage for the efficient management of waste packaging lead to the organised private sector business representatives” assures Vince Farrugia.

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