Fabian Demicoli

To All Licenced Fuel Distributors and Petrol Station Owners

Your are
hereby being informed that following the increase of the price of kerosene at
the level of Diesel, an agreement has been reached between GRTU, the Malta
Resources Authority and Enemalta Corporation as Follows:

1. Enemalta
Corporation has been authorized to supply current jobbers and hawkers with Light
heating oil, Kerosene and Diesel excluding Petrol and heavy fuel oil.

This arrangement specifically excludes the sale of fuels for all types of road
transport, directly or via end-use arrangements, and to petrol stations. It is
specifically limited to sale of fuels for use in plant and equipment excluding
that licenced for road traffic.

3. This arrangement covers sale of
fuel to all licenced establishments and domestic residences excluding garages
where the fuel is intended for use in any type of road vehicle. The fuel is sold
only for use in plant and equipment which is stationary.

4. Bunkering is
excluded from this arrangement.

5. Sellers under this arrangement
will not be restricted to a specific geographic zone, except that Maltese
licence holders cannot trade in Gozo and vice-versa.

6. Any breach of the
above conditions will qualify for penalties and immediate stop of supplies by
Enemalta as follows:

6.1 On first breach reported by authorized
Suspension of all supplies for a period of one month from date of
default plus a fine of Lm1000

6.2 On a second breach reported by
authorized inspectors:
Suspension of all supplies for a period of six months
from date of default plus a fine of Lm 2000

6.3 On a third breach
reported by authorized inspectors:
Permanent revocation of licence. The
licence is not renewed or re-issued to any company or entity in which the
offender is involved either as director or as shareholder or in any other
capacity or otherwise associated.

This authorization is with immediate


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