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The truth on Green MT’s Waste Packaging Scheme pricing Strategy

 Green MT is the only Waste Packaging recovery Scheme in Malta that will entitle you to total exemption from Eco Contribution.

Recently we have revised our prices to meet the threshold issued by Government to be exempt from Eco Contribution. Any statement made by any other Scheme is just misleading. If you are a member in any Scheme that today collects 50% on behalf of its members is not and will never be exempt from Eco Contribution.

Green MT is the only Scheme that provides a full audit trail of the Packaging Waste Fractions collected and how they are separated and eventually baled and exported through the right authorities.  Any other Scheme stating otherwise is definitely not aware of what is happening at the higher echelons.  Other Schemes continue to alienate their own members accordingly.

Green MT will kick off a pilot project on July 01, 2009 based on the Local Authorities exempting fourteen companies from the payment of Eco Contribution since they are members of an Authorized Scheme that will collect 70% of the Waste Packaging placed on the market by these 14 member companies. We are proud that we will shortly be collecting waste packaging from at least 22 Local Councils. Green MT is at the forefront of a green revolution within each and every community, and Green Mt Limited assures one and all that its function is real and not a paperwork exercise in any manner.

It is truly not acceptable that those who run other Schemes and think they know it all, should at least be in line with current developments. At least they should state the truth. Green Mt Limited outlines to one and all that exemption from Eco Contribution will only be real if companies and traders are members of a Scheme that collects 70% of what one places in the market. Only these fourteen companies will at present be exempt with the eventual full possibility of a full exemption on January 01, 2010 for those companies that are prospective members of Green MT Limited which will collect 70% of waste packaging placed on the market by its members.  Also to note is that even with respect to Eco Contribution refunds, a Scheme that has collected 50% of what its members place on the market will only be eligible for 60% Eco Contribution refund.

The only other Authorized Waste Packaging Scheme continues to deny its own members from the truth. It continues to drive a message which deviates totally from the truth. "In these times of economic hardships the business community needs firstly to know the truth and nothing but the truth…" states Joe Attard, CEO of Green MT Limited. 

To be aware of the truth and benefits emanating from Green MT, you are to contact Joe Attard on 99041462 or Marcella Zahra on 79002263 or 21232881/3.

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