Fabian Demicoli

The Sandro Chetcuti Saga – The never ending innuendos

the facts right – How many times, GRTU asks, Labour Party spokesmen who
ought to know better, continue to spread false information about a case which
is still sub-judice in court and still awaiting judgment?

Besides the usual front page splatter of the GWU daily
paper l-Orizzont, we had this week also Labour Party ex-Head of Radio and
Television services Jason Micallef bluntly lying on TVAM and then again MLP
Deputy Leader Dr Toni Abela talking nonsense about the proceedings now in Court
against Sandro Chetcuti. This is a case where the Attorney  general after detailed police investigation
is taking criminal action.

Jason Micallef exercised a bad memory when he forgot
that Sandro Chetcuti's physical assault on Vince Farrugia happened almost a
year after the European Parliament Election. Like his Deputy Leader he also
insinuated that GRTU Director General Vince Farrugia and GRTU officials
inflated the issue. Dr Abela together with L-Orizzont also insinuated that GRTU
Director General put pressure on the Police and on the Attorney General to
cause a higher level of accusations against Sandro Chetcuti. What sheer

GRTU has not only denied all this as falsehood but Director
General Vince Farrugia is in Court against l-Orizzont, Malta Independent and
Malta Today for making these grave
and defamatory allegations. Any lawyer worth his salt, and Dr Toni Abela is an
experienced Court practitioner, knows that a claim made by the Defence in a
grievous bodily harm accusation by the Police in Court is not enough to lead to
a conclusion by the Presiding Judge. It has to be proved. The Defence in the
Sandro Chetcuti case did not give one single proof to confirm that Vince
Farrugia in any way whatsoever ever talked or tried to influence the Police
Commissioner, the Attorney General or the investigating Police Officers to
influence them in the execution of their duties. There is not, and there cannot
be, as it does not exist, any evidence that Vince Farrugia did anything to
influence proceedings. The prosecution and lawyers parte civile has still to
rebut in Court what the Defence of Sandro Chetcuti has presented in Court.
Decent Journalists and experienced politicians would have waited till Court
proceedings are completed before reaching premature conclusions. The
conclusions that matter are those of the Presiding Magistrate. 

What happened on March 11, 2010 at GRTU is abundantly
recorded. Witnesses stated on oath to the Police what actually happened within
an hour of the assault. The Police are professional enough to know when a case
is real. It is a great insult to the Police Commissioner and to his
professional team as well as to the Attorney General and his professional team
of lawyers for anyone to insinuate and to believe that they were influenced,
indeed ordered, by anyone, and an outsider for that, to cause what charges to
be made in Court in such a high profile case.

The evidence – real evidence – eye-witnesses on the
scene, police report, reports of paramedics on the scene, medical specialists
from Mater Dei and CT Scan on the victim plus forensic experts photographic
evidence – is all there in Court. Defence Lawyers tried to present their case
and did their best to seek media highlights. What matters in Court is
substantive concrete evidence and the evidence is abundantly clear that Sandro
Chetcuti on March 11, 2010 assaulted and grievously harmed and threatened the
life of Vince Farrugia.

What l-Orizzont, Dr Toni Abela and Jason Micallef now
say is sheer humbug. Serious observers await the Court decision on the case
itself and on the libel actions against all who blabbered.

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