Fabian Demicoli

The irresponsible splatter on Green MT

Once again the General Workers Union newspaper
l-Orizzont in another of its endless tirades against GRTU and its Director
General Vince Farrugia quoted the insinuation splattered by corruption
convicted ex-Sliema Mayor Nikki Dimech who in a hopeless effort to defend
himself in Court against Corruption charges made insinuations against Green MT.

Nikki Dimech tried to give the impression, quoted endless times by the GWU
mouth piece, that Green MT was awarded the Sliema Locality Separated Waste
Collection Contract following pressure from Dr Paul Borg Olivier, P.N Secretary
General. The former
Mayor of Sliema Ms Joanna Gonzi has given full details and referred to Local
Council Meetings to explain exactly how the contract negotiations with Green MT
proceeded and how the Local Council approved the award of the contract to Green
MT. This Public Statement by the Sliema Local Council former Mayor Joanna Gonzi
is available for all too see (refer to Illum Newspaper of 2nd
December 2012 Pg. 15). The Public statement of Joanna Gonzi clearly proves that
what Nikki Dimech said under oath is a lie.

to the statements made by Dr Joanna Gonzi, Green MT further states that it has
paid the contractor, Velljo Services from Mid August 2009 to end December 2009
and from February 01, 2010 to end October 2010, the sum of €47,850 for collection
of Recyclable Waste from Sliema. For the month of January 2010 the contractor
was paid from the Department of Local Government for this service.

yes the question now arises! Why did Sliema Local Council pay the sum of
€14,751 monthly for collection of recyclables in the same period to a
contractor when the collection was paid for by Green MT? Was there maybe any
other sort of collection which we are not aware off? We do not think so, but
the contractor did say on oath in Court that he was paying heavy commissions to
Nikki Dimech. This is the man Orrizzont and other are quoting to besmirch Green
Mt and its Chairman.

Green MT and GRTU go further
than that however. The truth is that Nikki Dimech used all means available to
him to create problems for Green MT. First he did whatever it was possible for
him to do to impose on Green MT the contractor he was happy with at Sliema.
Later in Court under oath the contractor explained why Nikki Dimech insisted on
retaining the same contractor and why he insisted that if Green MT was awarded
the contract they had to hold on to the same contractor. The reason was one:
Corruption. The contractor stated in Court that he paid commissions to Nikki
Dimech. Green MT knows that Nikki Dimech is corrupt. Not merely because of the
Court sentence against him but also because Nikki Dimech had demanded a payment
of €15,000 from Green MT for himself if he was to sign the agreement with Green

The demand was made to the Green MT CEO Joe Attard
who, after reporting this to the Chairman of Green MT Vince Farrugia, was
immediately directed to report directly to the then responsible Ministers for
Local Government Dr Chris Said and Minister George Pullicino, Minister responsible
for Waste Management who immediately arranged for Green MT CEO of Green MT to
meet the Deputy Police Commissioner Mr Joe Cachia.

Green MT offers an excellent service and has no reason
to seek pressure to win contracts. All Local Councils working with Green MT
know that Green MT is genuinely not for profit and Green MT feeds back any
positive balances to the community in improved services and direct assistance
to community services in the locality.

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