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The Malta Chamber of SMEs successfully holds its Annual General Meeting

Malta Chamber of SMEs CEO Abigail Mamo described 2020 as an extraordinary year

Malta Chamber of SMEs President Paul Abela said that 2020 has been very difficult for almost all members of the SME Chamber because of all the struggles that the Covid-19 has brought about.

When addressing the SME Chamber members, President Paul Abela insisted that throughout 2020 the SME Chamber managed to strengthen its position while supporting businesses throughout these difficult times.

Paul Abela mentioned that the SME Chamber was successful in turning its efforts into tangible, essential, benefits for its members and the business community at large. Mainly the SME Chamber was behind the Wage Supplement and the Rent Subsidy scheme, apart from other sector-specific aid necessary.

Mr Abela thanked the organisation’s CEO, Ms Abigail Mamo and the SME Chamber Staff for their hard and dedicated work. He explained that the able staff of the SME Chamber has not only ensured that the effects of the pandemic are tackled for from all angles but also ensuring the full implementation of the SME Chamber work programme.

Malta Chamber of SMEs CEO Ms Abigail Mamo presented the Annual Report for 2020. Ms Mamo described 2020 as an extraordinary year. The main highlights of the annual report for 2020 are:

  • Rebranding the SME Chamber, including launching a brand new website, a revamped newsletter and multiple communication channels

  • The SME Chamber has launched brand new services for members. These include expert advice on Employment Law, as well as expert advice on Consumer Law

  • Successfully securing the necessary schemes for Covid – Wage Supplement and Wage Subsidy

  • Two successful hybrid National Conferences

  • Over 30 online webinars

  • Multiple campaigns to stimulate consumption at national level – Black Friday, Shop Local Campaign, Shop in Valletta and Park for Free

  • Two Private-Partnerships with the Private Sector for the benefit of our members

  • 6 National Studies targeting all of Malta’s business community

  • Implementing and Winning more European Funds

Vice-President Finance and Administration Mr Marcel Mizzi presented an overview of the Financial reports.

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