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The Impact of Covid at the Workplace – The top 10 basics to follow 

The top 10 basics to follow


The number of new cases in Malta remains on the high side when compared to lower numbers that we have seen before. It is also however true that we are all living in the closest form of normality and finding this tricky balance of keeping numbers down while life moves on. 

While the country continues to limit the effects of Covid and also the effects this brings on the economy and our society, disruption is unfortunately the order of the day.   

As those following updates from the Ministry for Health related to the virus cases know, on a daily basis, a small number of the cases reported relate to contagion at the place of work. This of course causes an even greater level of disruption and being careful and formalising protocols to follow will help reduce the disruption at the workplace. 

Each workplace needs to be analysed on its own merit but it is important that this takes place as it is a legal duty of the employer to ensure a safe working environment.  


The most basic steps to follow are: 

  1. Staff experiencing symptoms not to come to the workplace (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny/blocked nose, headaches, tiredness, muscle pain, loss of taste, loss of smell, vomiting, diarrhoea, together with additional symptoms being recognised including sinus pain and expectoration)

  2. Ensure a high level of cleaning and hygiene at the workplace

  3. Making masks/visors available for staff to be worn in common areas and avoiding prolonged use of common areas such as kitchens and taking it in turns 

  4. Making masks/visors available for visitors to keep on for the duration on their stay at the workplace 

  5. Making hand sanitisers available (70% alcohol based) 

  6. Clustering staff members who have to work in close proximity and avoid interaction between clusters. Communication between staff as much as possible to be done from own workspace by phone or online 

  7. Social distancing to be observed in general 

  8. Reorganisation of layouts, shifts and working time where possible 

  9. Open windows or extractors where possible to enhance circulation of air 

  10. Signage (especially for larger working environments) as a reminder and awareness raising tool 


The full set of measures one can follow at the workplace can be find through the following link: 

The full set of guidelines per workplace type and activity can be accessed here:  

Stay Safe! 

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