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The GRTU’s Independent Providers of Passenger Transport Section [IPPT]

The GRTU has in recent weeks held a number of fruitful sessions attended by operators in the Passenger Transport Industry, consisting of (i) Providers of Chauffeur Driven Cars, (ii) Minibus Operators as well as (iii) Operators of Private Coaches.

The Passenger Transport Industry suffers huge drawbacks and inefficiencies 

due to several failures related to logistical ineptitude, road works, road closures, major arterial projects and conflicting permits granted to different entities to close public roads arbitrarily and most often without prior notice or visible signage as to what the alternative route for drivers is.

Moreover the Passenger Transport Industry also suffers considerable losses not only due to the aforesaid difficulties, but also due to changes in legislation that increase bureaucracy and reduce their efficiency; changes in policy affecting fiscal benefits that are lost or removed without prior notice resulting in less competitive rates for passengers; inexplicable decisions taken by the competent authorities concerning public roads, such as those taken in relation to Bus Lanes, which collectively result in astronomical levels of tension and frustration to passengers, drivers and operators alike.

Consequently the Independent Providers of Passenger Transport (IPPT) Section of the GRTU will be holding a number of further sessions for all chauffeur driven car operators, mini-bus operators as well as operators of private coaches in order to find solutions, draft proposals and meet the competent authorities particularly those having the ability to close public roads. Naturally these sessions are open to GRTU members as well as other independent providers of Passenger Transport that have their industry at heart as well as the vision of improving the logistics of our road infrastructure to the benefit of the whole country. Matters related to traffic and logistics are evidently effecting businesses, within or without this sector alike, and the general public directly. Through the support of operators with on-the ground expertise in the sector, GRTU is seeking to develop concrete solutions to address this matter of national concern. 

During the forthcoming sessions two main items will be discussed namely (i) the Kappara Roundabout Junction Project and (ii) the overhaul of the current BUS LANE policy.

The setting up of the IPPT Section complements GRTU’s representation within the transport sector such as cargo hauliers and gas distributors amongst many others. Acknowledging that transportation and traffic management have become core issues for the private sector and the general public alike, GRTU is placing transport as one of its major themes to be addressed in the upcoming Budget. The IPPT Section adds value and strength to GRTU’s efforts in serving as an effective transport lobby to put forward concrete proposals to address and improve the situation. 

For further details concerning the forthcoming sessions as well as membership information you are kindly requested to contact Mrs. Elizabeth Curmi Said on  or visit our offices at GRTU, Exchange Buildings, Republic Street, Valletta T: 21232881M: 79049409



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