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GREENMT soon launching Tetra Ghall-Istrina

tetra“Tuna l-Kartuna tal-Halib u lill-Istrina naghtu daqqa t’id”

Nowadays the management of waste is of national importance. The Scheme Green MT, which collects separated waste from numerous Local Councils in Malta and Gozo, will be launching a campaign during the European Week for Waste Reduction. The campaign named ‘Tetra ghall-Istrina’ will be encouraging any individuals (including Schools, Local Councils, hotels, catering establishments etc.) in Malta and Gozo to join us in increasing the recycling and separation of packaged waste. The main aim of the campaign is to collect as many cartons of milk and juices (any brand), which unfortunately till last year were never considered as recyclable waste which could be disposed in the Grey bag.


Green MT will be collecting from Schools, Local Councils, Hotels and Commercial entities (list updated daily in our Facebook page, check for updates). The EWWR – European Week of Waste Reduction will be held during the week of 18th November 2017 till 26th November 2017. This campaign will also be promoted through the use of broadcasting methods and social media.

Material can start being picked up from Today!!!

Green MT will be providing Euro 60 for every ton for this type of material collected in the mentioned week, to the Malta Community Chest Fund during the Annual event of Istrina. In this way we will be helping those in need while also making the environment around us better.

The material should be lightly rinsed, and put in a any coloured bag (not a black bag) with the carton flattened. If an individual has a query regarding this initiative, they are free to use our Freephone: 80074444 or 21496965/6 or email us on

We thank you for your generous help!

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