Fabian Demicoli

Tables and Chairs regulation for Restaurants

 The Valletta Local Council together with the GRTU would like to bring to the attention of restaurateurs the following legal notice: Deposit of tables and chairs to provide food and beverages (L.N.  119 or 2002)


1. No person may place any table or chair in any street for the catering of food and drinks in any day, or special or specific day without a permit from the Local Council.

2. Applicant shall submit his application not later than one month before the day or the first day as the case may be, or within such other time as may be established by the Local Council.

3. Applicant shall together with an application:

  • submit a site plan clearly showing the measurements and the area referred to in the application;
  • declare the day or days for which the permit is required.

4. any permit issued by virtue of these regulations shall not exceed the time during which the activity is to be held or sixteen consecutive days, whichever is the shorter period.

  • No permit shall be issued by the Local Council for that area prior to the lapse of seven days from the last day of the issuing of a permit for that same area.
  • No permit shall be issued in the area immediately adjacent to an establishment selling food and beverages, except to the licence holder of that establishment.

5. An applicant shall ensure that:

  • no alcohol or tobacco products are sold to persons under the age of sixteen years;
  • no alcohol shall be served in glass bottles but shall be served in a bio-degradable material or cardboard cup;
  • the area is kept clean at all times during the activity, and for this purpose the applicant shall provide suitable litter bins for the deposit of waste;
  • at the expiry of the authorisation the tables and chairs are removed and the area is left in its original state.

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