Fabian Demicoli

Ta’ Qali Craft Village Still in dust

Will the Ta' Qali Craft Village saga ever end? Most Craft Village operators have literally grown old waiting for this project  to  end.  No,  indeed, waiting for it to start. GRTU  preserves  the  TA'  QALI  craft village file as the oldest  file in action. It is incredible that this project started  way  back  in  the  early  1990's following  the  Nationalist  Party  Electoral  promise  of  1987  which  promise was regularly inserted in all succeeding PN electoral manifesto. 

Craft village operators and GRTU representing them has endured the endless promises of succeeding Nationalist and Labour ministers. It all started with George Bonella Dupuis, then on to Wenzu Gatt and to John Dalli and on to John Attard Montaldo and  to  Joseph Bonnici and back to John Dalli and then the long years of Edwin Vassallo and now bang on the lap of Austin Gatt.  It's really a small project compared to the many larger once that Austin Gatt faces. But it  now  deserves  top  priority; and please don't change the criteria. GRTU is not all too happy with the plans as they stand and would have preferred other more practical solutions. But  time time is of the essence. No one can  stomach  any  new  change  and  any further delay.  

The tender has long been issued and contractors have submitted theri bids GRTU is completely in the dark on this issue. Hopefully no one is hybernating or worst still cooking some new stew. We've had enough of the wise guys changing things as they step in the shoes of a some dim wit put aside…  We now need to go on with it. Many old faces are in retirement as they've given up waiting. Younger elements at  Ta'  Qali  remain  optimistic.  They all now expect Austin Gatt's recognised drive to be geared to their advantage and finally get the project implemented and concluded on target.

That's  one  celebration  GRTU  gladly looks forward to enjoy!

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