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Successful Info Session for employers on ETC services

 GRTU has this week organised in conjunction with ETC an information session which was very well received by members. GRTU called the session and invited the ETC to explain the support and schemes falling under the ETC that target employers. The ETC explained that it has undergone significant restructuring and part of the restructuring was aimed at being more responsive to the needs of the employer.

 The ETC has in fact launched an Employers' Services Department. The head of the department Mr Tonio Montebello explained that he himself comes from the private sector and he is trying to revamp the services offered to employers by the ETC to make them more responsive and effective to the needs of employers. He went on to list and explain the services and the schemes:


Vacancy Services (local & EU jobseekers)

Advertising of vacancies on the ETC website, job centres, job banks and daily automailer

Matching of vacancy with suitable job seekers

Personalised Recruitment Services

Employment of Foreign Nationals

EU Nationals

Non-EU Nationals

Employment Licences (Work Permits)

Manpower Records

Engagement / Termination Forms

Employees Lists

Employment Histories


Employment Aid Programme

  • Facilitate the integration of disadvantaged and disabled people in the labour market. The disadvantaged groups are:

a. Youths under 25 and within 2 years of completing full-time education – 50 % of the Wage costs plus half the employer's NI; Duration of Assistance – 52 weeks

b. Any person who wishes to re-enter working life and who has been absent both from work and from education for at least 2 years.

c. Any person living as a single adult looking after dependants.  

d. Any person who has not attained upper secondary level qualifications or equivalent (ISCED Level 3) and who has been made redundant in the past six months 

e. Any person older than 50 who does not have a job or who is losing his or her job (i.e. has been served with a redundancy notice of termination of employment) 

f. Any long-term, registered unemployed person.

g. Any person who is a registered disabled person and who has a recognised, serious, physical, mental or psychological impairment.  In this case, as from 1/1/2011 age of eligibility will be put up to 65. Level of Assistance – 75 % of the Wage costs for the first year and 60% for the second and third year.; Duration of Assistance – 156 weeks

Work Trial Scheme

20 hrs / week, 12 weeks max, 50% of min wage

  • youth, inactive person, over 25 unemployed for over 6 months, recent redundant persons
  • Bridging the Gap Scheme
  • up to 40 hrs / week, up to 52 weeks max, up to 80% of min wage
  • disadvantaged / disabled persons



  • a dual system of occupational training. Short term apprenticeships as duration cannot exceed one year, but allows ETC to respond quicker to Employers' needs



Training Subsidy Scheme

  1. for the self-employed and employees of micro enterprises
  2. to develop their skills by participating in further off-the-job vocational education and training
  3. 75% of the direct training cost up to a maximum of €1,000

 Training Programmes

Training Aid Framework (TAF)

Financial assistance to employers wishing to invest in the training of their workforce.

available for companies in the private sector

subsidy will vary according to the type of training and the size of the enterprise

Training can be in-house or out-sourced and can be given in Malta or abroad through distance learning

Each company will be eligible for a maximum of €250,000 each year



Participation in the ETC Apprenticeships

Technician Apprenticeship Scheme

Extended Skill Training Scheme




Duration varies from 18 months to 36 months

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