SME Chamber

Abigail Mamo

Ms. Mamo has occupied the position of CEO since 2014. Ms. Mamo has held different positions within the Malta Chamber of SMEs since 2007. Her experience and expertise revolves around economics of competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises with a particular focus on SMEs.

Ms. Mamo is an experienced lobbyist and represents the interest of businesses on a number of high level fora. As CEO Ms. Mamo handles all official representation which includes representing the SME Chamber at the Malta Council for Economic and Social Affairs (MCESD).

In her capacity as CEO Ms. Mamo is also a Board Member of JobsPlus, Maternity Trust Fund Foundation, Employment Relations Board, Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST), Retail Price Index board, Occupational Health and Safety and Business 1st as subsidiary of Malta Chamber of SMEs.