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Simplification and efficiency in the Tourism Sector

A roundtable conference was held by the Commissioner for Simplification and Reduction of BureaucracyHon. Anthony Agius Decelis, and the Minister of Tourism Hon. Edward Zammit Lewis. During this discussion the Commissioner for Simplification and Reduction of Bureaucracy stressed the importance of simplifying bureaucracy in every sector and especially in 

tourism industry as it is a strong pillar in the Maltese economy. Mr Agius Decelis believes that through simplification, entities will be able to give better services which will not only improve the efficiency of the entity but alsoenhance the experience of the recipient.

Focusing on the tourism industry, Minister Zammit Lewis emphasised that through the new policy limiting the adjustment on the height of building, 3 to 5 star hotels that are situated in touristic zones will be permitted to build two additional floors to their establishment. This policy has been praised by hotel establishments which will be allowed to continue to invest in their premises. The Ministry has also founded the Foundation for Tourism Zones Developments. Through this foundation the Ministry aims to maintain and improve the environment of touristic zones whilst also preserving the efficiency of every public zone.

GRTU Deputy President Philip Fenech was pleased with the initiative however urged that the Foundation for Tourism Zones Development should have a round-the-clock rapid intervention phone number during the touristic peak season. This will allow the foundation to be contacted immediately and fast-track any work that needs to be carried out.  Mr Fenech also mentioned that due to tourism figures being on the increase it is becoming more and more difficult to find staff to service the needs of the industry. With a growing demand for Maltese workers in the industry and processes to employ foreign workers having become rather slow and cumbersome, it is of essence that all efforts are made by the all quarters in order to promote tourism and hospitality as a sector. The image of the industry has to be lifted in such a way that it is seen to offer a respectable option for a career in order to attract a new generation of students who perceive this industry as a career path rather than a mere seasonal job.


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