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Shame on You

 "What the Members of Parliament have accepted to do to reserve privileged parking in the heart of Valletta in complete disregard of everybody else is Shameful" stated Vince Farrugia, GRTU's Director General.


Not only have Parliamentarians reserved for themselves the whole zone in the vicinity of the Palace but they have even reserved for themselves 50% of the pavements given to pedestrians to be able to walk safely. "Motor vehicles should not be parked on pavements. All the citizens of Malta are made to respect this just law but no the parliamentarians of Malta" . The streets of Valletta are now with rainbow colours, we have some yellow, some blue and green and a little white, and  when the white cannot be fitted, double yellow lines are drawn.

"Is there no one in their right senses to realise what they are doing to the city! Is it possible that nobody realises that the city of Valletta is being strangled to death in a pitiful slow process. It is becoming an ugly experience for all those who want to come to the city with all the wardens, police and others eager to scare you off or else dump a ticket on your windscreen."

GRTU believes in the investments that are happening in the city. Indeed most of the projects are more than welcome and GRTU is doing its utmost to ensure they are implemented without much delay and procrastination. The GRTU does not believe that those who are managing are in their right mind, they would not have otherwise made the entrepreneurs who have invested so many millions in Valletta and who employ hundreds and thousands of workers suffer so badly as they see business being driven to other commercial centres outside Valletta at a great loss to their businesses, simply because it is becoming almost impossible to park in Valletta at any time of the day.

The Valletta business community represented by GRTU seeks immediate solution to the horrendous parking problem, in the absence of an early and practical solution, businesses are adopting the only solution they know: closure and dismissals. Those who have eyes to see should walk the streets of Valletta and see for themselves. The pain is visible everywhere.

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