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Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) Funding for Research and Development

How can MCEST help you?  Today, there is a greater demand for higher-quality, cheap and eco-friendly products and stringent environmental regulations. Not to mention, competition. In order to remain in the game, you would need to dedicate a substantial amount of costs and human resources to researching, developing, managing, demonstrating a product that would, if successful, single you from the rest. Is your company undergoing such pressure?


 No matter where you're coming from, be it manufacturing, IT, health and safety etc. there exist European funds to be tapped into to help improve your competitiveness.

The Opportunity: These costs can be funded. Whether you're a micro, medium or large enterprise, the EU is there to help. Recognizing problems within Industry, the EU has developed a Framework Programme (FP7) with a €50.5 billion budget. These funds can be tapped by you (SMEs, companies, scientists, researchers and other individuals) as the initiative of this programme is to promote product development in all stages through networking opportunities with experts both locally and internationally. The benefits are huge: not only do you get to form partnerships with experts who have the skills and knowledge your company might be lacking due to / requires to overcome limitations, you get to fund your R&D. In short, you get to explore new boundaries.

What areas / topics are included in the programme? Several areas such as ICT, energy, environment, nanotechnology etc. are covered and there are even schemes directly tailored for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as these form the core of European industry and are key players within the innovation system. It is broad enough to ensure that everyone's interests are covered.

Are Maltese entities able to compete in research related projects? We have several success stories (in the first 3 years of this framework programme over 80 Maltese organisations have received more than €8 million in research funding. Example of success story.

So how can YOU participate? The Malta Council for Science & Technology (MCST) offers free advice and assistance to organisations and individuals to tap into these funds.

How can we help you? MCST is the National Contact Point for information and free tailored consultation to address your needs and requirements. We offer one-to-one meetings to ensure that you tap into the right funding scheme that gives you the maximum benefits.

Want to know more? Contact the FP7 Unit at the Malta Council for Science & Technology:

Anthea Fabri-FP7 National Coordinator

Malta Council for Science and Technology, Villa Bighi, Kalkara, KKR 1320, Malta

Telephone:  +356 2360 2141  Fax:      +356 2166 0341


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