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Revival of GRTU section: Ammunition and Firearm dealers


 GRTU has on behalf on the Ammunition and Fire Arm Dealers Association (AFDA), which has recently become an Association represented within GRTU, submitted its proposals with the object of facilitating its members' commercial activity against a background of enhanced security.

GRTU has in line with the position taken by AFDA submitted its proposals for improvements of the Arms Act 2005 and Legal Notices 177 & 178. Below are in brief the proposals made:


Establishing thresholds for the power of air pistols and air rifles and to consider as firearms only those guns with a power which exceeds these thresholds.

‘airsoft', ‘paintball' and ‘real action makers' should be defined separately from airguns and classified under this heading so that they are subject to registration but do not require a licence.

Swords, knives, bayonets and spears should not longer be subject to registration due to red tape.

2. Weapons Board

The composition of the Board should include a person representing dealers and that such a person should be nominated by AFDA.

3. Proof House

Setting up of a local Proof House and its registration with the CIP  in line with other EU states to regulate and check the services carried out by licensed Gunsmiths.

4. Dealer licence- A Dealer Licence should permit

the carrying registered firearms to/from his clients for commercial reasons

Display registered firearms at shows and exhibitions

Carry registered firearms to a licensed range for the purpose of demonstrating them and checking

Receive registered firearms from third parties for commercial or storage purposes

Stock of firearms prohibited from local sale for purpose of sale to other non-prohibitive markets

Possibility of effecting simple repairs

5. Gunsmith Licence

A Gunsmith should either already be in possession of a Dealer Licence or else have a written agreement with a licensed dealer to the effect that he is authorised to provide his services to them

6. Ammunition Storage

Dealers are allowed to store ammunition in any police certified premises and in quantities relevant to the facilities offered by such premises

7. Film armourer licence

Urgent introduction of such licence to service the local film industry and theatre productions.

8. Strong advice against increase in Fees


Some further recommendations were also made. For the full report of these recommendations visit

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