Fabian Demicoli

Retailers of Renewable Energy Systems step up their responsibility to sustain their sector

Impasse Solved
– GRTU renewable energy section has resolved that it should take the
bull by the horns to clamp down the erection of unsightly PV installations on
the islands. Following a meeting for the renewable energy section and a
vote, Noel Gauci, President of the Renewable Energy Section within GRTU shall
formally inform MEPA that retailers of Photovoltaic installations are willing
to be held responsible for their own installations.


This is a breakthrough for
the sector and a clear statement of integrity. The regulation, which should
apply for new installations, is a clear indication that, unlike what has been
reported in certain media, most installers are not just looking for the quick
buck but the sustainability of the sector.

Noel Gauci reiterated that GRTU wants to promote professionalism in
the sector and following the vote in favor it is clear that our members are
operating in good faith and are eager to see the sector prosper in an orderly

Furthermore during the latest meeting held last week, the Section
President also informed the members and beneficiaries of ERDF funding that
together with Malta Enterprise (ME) and the Ministry of Finance, the Economy
and Investment (MFEI) a solution has been found to resolve the impasse. The
members acknowledged that the solution offered was in their best interest and
accepted the conditions imposed even though this could have legal or financial
repercussions on them. Installers may now carry on with installations of PV
systems on the commercial premises which had been granted funding, and an
extension of the deadline to finish works has also been conceded to make for
the time lost during the investigations.

GRTU is pleased with the outcome of negotiations and thanks ME and MFEI for their collaboration. We now look
forward for more collaboration with MEPA as well as MRA on the next domestic PV
scheme to once again see the sector prosper. The RES is greatly boosting the economy through the creation of jobs thus reducing
the demand on social benefits, CO2 emmissions and utility bills for the Maltese
families and businesses that invest in renewable energy systems.

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