Fabian Demicoli

Renewable Energy Section replies to MEPA

Following a request by MEPA officials
for feedback on proposed update and possible enforcement of regulations for PV
installations on roofs GRTU held a meeting for its members on 6th

MEPA informed GRTU that they already
met some suppliers and were told that these particular suppliers advise clients
on obligations concerning MEPA but then leave it up to client if they want to
carry on with works or not…

GRTU and its members agreed that
retailers need to be more serious than this for their own good and
sustainability of the sector. The majority of the members present at the
meeting voted in favour that retailers should be responsible for the
installation should MEPA decide something was wrong and enforce.

On the proposed side and back screening
for all PV structures MEPA should inform GRTU what the screening is to be made
of and other specifications. A scientific study must be performed to ensure
that proposed screening does not impinge a huge cost, effects viability of installations, become noisy in winds
(rattle, whistle etc.) and allows sufficient ventilation for PV's and inverter
to function efficiently.

GRTU expressed also its opinion that
the max height should be raised to 1.9m for both swh and pv.

If there is no wall in front of the
installation the space from the façade of the washroom or other similar
structure should be reduced to 1m, but if there is a wall 2m should be kept to
avoid shading.

GRTU Members recommended that an
electrical engineer would certify complete systems, including the structure. It
would then be up to him to decide if a mechanical engineer is required to
certify the structure or not. GRTU will also be encouraging holistic yearly
inspections (electrical and mechanical) to reduce dangers.

halting of the scheme, are there any new developments?

There were unfortunately no development as we did not hear
anything. GRTU will be making a find out in this regard.

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