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Renewable Energy Projects, Malta comes first!

During a public consultation seminar on the 15th June organized by MIEMA last week, president of Renewable Energy Section Noel Gauci made GRTU’s position clear that under no circumstance will GRTU tolerate that Malta invests in foreign countries to reach its renewable energy targets, if similar investments are possible locally. If any investment is to be done, then government should make it in Malta to create business and jobs for our own companies, not elsewhere. Even if it had to cost more to do it here, which is very unlikely, the advantages of employment and related benefits will greatly outdo the difference in cost. Moreover it is essential to have full control on such sensitive plants, something which cannot be guaranteed if it is done on foreign soil.


Noel Gauci also commented that while initiatives like the one taken by MIEMA are commendable, one should be cautious when reporting to the media. For example a recent article selected part of a MIEMA study and emphasized an issue that does not even exist, something which MIEMA officials agreed with.

The article referred to glare that could affect aircraft during landing. To date no pilots have complained on such issue, mostly because the PV systems installed in Malta are too small to make any significant impact of the pilots’ visual. Mr. Gauci suggested that MIEMA issues a statement to clarify their position.

Another topic raised was that we need to stop wasting our time proposing the impossible, such as installation of PV farms on virgin green spaces, of which the country has very little left. To the contrary we should focus on what is doable, such as installations in areas already scarred by heavy industry, the separate use of factory roof tops, installations out at sea, etc. Mr Gauci also noted that GRTU is continuously liaising with MRA and PPCD to ensure that before the end of the year a new domestic PV scheme is launched. Although GRTU had worked hard to see a scheme launched prior the trade fair, circumstances beyond everyone’s control made it impossible for such a scheme to materialize.

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