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Recruitment without or with reduced cost

 Are you currently seeking to recruit new staff?
Why not consider making use of the ETC schemes? ETC has just re-launched a number of schemes aimed at offering unemployed youth work exposure in a real work place situation. Youth can gain lacking work experience and prove to employers their ability in successfully carry out the assigned tasks. At the same time the employer can evaluate a potential employee prior to committing to employment.

The Job Experience Scheme is specifically designed for young people aged 16 to 24 entering the labour market without any work experience or with only minimal experience in their chosen occupation. Participants are required to do 20 hours of work per week, up to 12 weeks. They can be placed with organisations within the public and private sectors. A weekly allowance equivalent of 46.59EURO will be given to each participant by ETC. The Private Sector Placement Scheme is similar to the above scheme, except that it is only open for private sector organisations and participant jobseekers should have been registering for work for at least six consecutive months. Each participant is to do 30 hours of work per week up to 12 weeks, and a weekly allowance equivalent to 75% of the minimum wage is to be paid by ETC. The Active Youth Scheme provides an opportunity for young jobseekers that have been registering for work for at least six months to work with a local NGO, religious or sports organisation for 12 weeks. Participants will do 20 hours of work with the organisation and an allowance of 69.88EURO a week will be paid to them by ETC.

For more information contact Abigail Mamo @ GRTU
Interested organisations can find basic information, eligibility criteria and the relevant application forms from the ETC website, www.etc.gov.mt. Organisations are encouraged to contact the schemes coordinator at ETC for more information. The coordinator can be reached at or by phone on 2220 1225.

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