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Recovers record recyclables in one calendar year

 Green MT, the authorised waste packaging Recovery Scheme and a fully owned subsidiary of the Malta Chamber of Small and Meduim Enterprises, announces that it has recovered a record of 9552 tons in twelve months from 01 July 2009 to End June 2010. This is no comparison to its competing Scheme that has stated that it has recovered over 10,000 tons in a four year period, 2006 to date.


Provisional figures for July 2010 show a recovery of 1240 tons for that month, thus in 13 months Green MT has recovered more then its competitor did in the last four years. To note also is that our competing Scheme reporting to MEPA shows that it has 171 members who placed 616 tons of Waste Packaging in the market in the first three months of this year. Green MT members totalling 22 for the first quarter of 2010 placed 2171 tons of Waste Packaging in the market. Green mt recovered 2546 tons in the first three months. As earlier stated the report for the competing Scheme which was obtained from MEPA against payment, since it is public information does not give any information of how much the Scheme recovered.

By far Green MT is a best practice Waste Packaging Compliance Scheme operating in the interest of the business community, with the cooperation of 41 Local Councils with whom we are striving to recover more and more Waste Packaging.

The exemption mechanism from Eco Contribution now in place is also an added feather in the hat for GRTU and its subsidiary Green MT Limited. We are already Malta's leading Scheme by far and by facts, not words. Green MT not only is a best practice but is a proactive Scheme operating on a not for profit basis.

Green MT also notes that Recovery from Birkirkara Local Council in June 2010 reached an all-time record for recovery from any one locality in Malta. The Scheme recovered 97.2 tons of Packaging Waste in June 2010, thus an average of 23.4 tons every week.

This now means that Birkirkara localCouncil is recovering 15.5 tons addittional tonnage weekly since we started recovery of separated waste in June 2009. Truly a success story in practical terms. Green mt would like to thank Micheal Fenech Adami and all his Council members for thier commitment to the recovery of recyclable waste.

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