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PV Purchase Facilitating Scheme PVPFS

GRTU is launching the PVPFS scheme, which GRTU has
tailored with a leading local bank, that ensures that client can find the
purchasing of a PV system increasingly affordable through paying by
installments without having to fork out any additional money. This while the
system is generating electricity that compensates for the payments done.


If calculated on an average system that would cost
around €5,000, the utilization of the PVPFS would mean that the client shall
have no upfront payments to make and instead start paying the bank a monthly
fee of €75 for 3 years, which works out to the exact same amount as if they did
not use the PVPFS scheme. In addition to this the client will save circa €82.81
from the electricity bill  per month. When deducting the € 75 monthly
payment to the bank from the €82.81 electricity saving, not only will the system
be paying itself but the client would be making a profit of around € 7.81 per
month during the first 3 years.

For the following 3 years the client is
guaranteed the same €0.22c feed in tariff(six year agreement), totaling € 993
per year, or € 3,260 profit in the first six years. This means that the
customer not only did not have to fork out any money, but actually started
making profit from day one.  Systems are typically guaranteed for 20
years, and some PV systems which have been installed in Malta around 30 years
ago are still working today.

suppliers who have achieved the GRTU APPROVED CERTIFICATE may apply to
participate in the PVPFS, and a second information session for suppliers shall
be held shortly due to a very encouraging turnout. 


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