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PRESS RELEASE: Green MT continues to deliver and make the environment a priority despite the challenges

Malta Chamber of SME’s Green MT is a private entity specifically set up 15 years ago to help businesses in complying with the many environmental obligations. Rather than leave it up to the Government to create state owned solutions, or through ECO taxes which would both be expensive and wasteful, the Chamber had decided to create its own scheme. Green MT has been working hard against all odds to implement the EU’s “the polluter pays principle” since the first Packaging Directive. After all these years the waste sector continues to be difficult and problematic. Under different administrations and individuals responsible for the waste sector, there never was a quick fix solution and there is none now. Green MT has throughout continued supporting the business community to meet their obligations and has been providing uninterrupted services across Local Councils got the past 15 years in spite of countless hurdles.

As private citizens we all need to do our bit. Although we have seen the public steadily taking up the challenges to separate waste, clearly, we still have a long way ahead. We must continue relentlessly to safeguard the environment for future generations. The underlying themes highlighted in the COP26 conference are the principles Malta must strive to keep in focus. It is abbunduntly clear that we are already at the point of no return. We must act now and without further delays. Each and every one of us has a role to play but without cooperation and a joint effort little will be achieved.

Green MT therefore reiterates that despite these challenges it will continue to work hand in hand with the business community, households and the various authorities. It will continue educating, encouraging and incentivising to cause change in the right direction to ascertain that only recyclables reach Wasteserv MRF Facility.

Policy makers are key coordinators to the overall strategy and as such Green MT will be meeting and cooperating  with Hon Aaron Farrugia as the responsible Minister, WasteServ and ERA in order to achieve overall better results. WasteServ’s approach to paying only for recyclables received at their facility is supported by Green MT.

The Chamber of SMEs and Green MT appeals to the general public and the business community to care and to take own responsibility and safeguard the future of the generations to come by doing their bit in separating at home and the workplace. From the waste Green MT collects, Green MT is aware that there is significant room for improvement in how individuals deal with waste and this is a main area where its efforts will be invested.

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