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GRTU has received an invitation form the Local Councils' Association to collaborate on an EU funded project entitles PHILOXENIA.

The Local Councils' Association is a project partner and the project is lead by the Initiative Territoriale por l'Emploi at l'Enterprenariat de Kerkini-Petritsi-Heraclee and Employabilite Locale.  The other participating countries are Greece, Sardini, Sicily, Cyprus and Slovenia.

The core objective of the project is the setting up of 15 new micro enterprises in the rural localities as defined by the Rural Development Plan. The project's budget envisages financial assistance to the newly set-up micro enterprises.

Weakened by demographic decline, the rural Mediterranean municipalities of the probed Philoxenia are increasingly confronted with a diminution of services and commercial enterprises, or even with a loss of their identity. However, the promotion of mobility and of the information and communication technologies (ICT), the concern for a sustainable development and the search for a better quality of life in view of the urban nuisances permits these rural territories to inverse the tendency above and to find new ways of local development. The architectural, cultural and environmental heritage and space at their disposal are indeed new factors of interactivity.

In this actual environment which is taking shape, the seven project partners propose in the territories implicated the implementation of a common  operational mechanism of reception of activities in Mediterranean rural areas.

For three years, from April 2009 to March 2012, this mechanism foresees the financial, technical and cultural support of 90 persons, 54 female and 36 male, wishing to install themselves in the target zones to create their own micro-projects and also to contribute to the vitality of these rural territories.

GRTU has excepted to participate and has put the nomination of its member forward.

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