Fabian Demicoli

Pharmacy Directive

 Last week, and once again today, GRTU and the Malta Chamber of Pharmacies issued a Directive to all Pharmacy owners not to fill-in the forms sent by NSO until further notice.

NSO Director General Michael Pace Ross replied to our Directive saying that NSO is portrayed as not having consulted or informed GRTU of this survey, when this survey was commissioned by the Ministry for Social Policy, and as such it was within their remit to consult and inform GRTU. 

Mr Pace Ross further explained that NSO was assured by the Ministry that issues with the various unions on this survey were ironed out.  He further assured GRTU that never has such a thing happened. He assured us that he will be raising the issue with the Director at the Ministry for Social Policy to clarify their role. 

GRTU reiterated what was written in the newSTRING. We explained to the Director General of NSO that we objected more strongly to NSO as member of Eurostat, particularly in surveys of this nature.

NSO did not need anyone's confirmation to understand that certain questions in the survey were beyond the limits of NSO surveys, whether directly endeavoured or under commission.

We furthered confirmed that not only we did not approve of the Ministry's action and that we were not consulted on the matter but that GRTU most clearly has objected to the Ministry's attempt to circumvent the agreements reached between the Government, the GRTU and the Malta Chamber of Pharmacies by whatever means the Ministry transpires, including the use of NSO surveys.

NSO's efforts to participate in the undermining of the agreement is extremely grave, more so since Dr Lawrence Gonzi in piloting and successfully settling the POYC agreement with the GRTU and the Chamber of Pharmacies was acting also as the then Minister of Finance, the Ministry also responsible for NSO.

The Malta Chamber of Pharmacies upheld GRTU's comments.

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