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Pesticide Importers – Abigail Mamo

 Following a general meeting and the establishment of the pesticides section GRTU has taken note of the issues hindering the sector and together with two sector representatives we have started meetings with  the authorities to tackle the issues



Illegal Importation and Parallel Trading 

GRTU has met the Malta Standards Authority (MSA) and the regulator and as the body carrying out market surveillance. GRTU also met the Customs department representatives. Illegal importation of theses hazardous good is occurring mostly through the catamaran however both the MSA and customs explained to us the lack of power they have on these imports

 On the other hand they assured us that where there are complaints and a reasonable suspicion they will investigate therefore they called for our help and that of our members in order to report illicit importation. On the other hand GRTU will be meeting the competition authorities in order to discuss the lack of enforcement possibility on the catamaran. As to parallel trading the sector explained that for this particular sector and Malta being so small parallel trading will drive the sectors out of business. MSA explained that the Directive does not give them the opportunity to exclude parallel trading however it is discouraged. GRTU will try to check under deminimis regulation if we can do anything.

  • Counterfeit importation


The sector explained to customs that counterfeits are imported and this is not only unlawful because the product is a counterfeit but since it is a counterfeit nobody knows which chemicals it contains, making it potentially very hazardous and dangerous. Customs explained that there is a free registration system whereby the manufacturer can register the trade mark within all the European Union including Malta and they could check the authenticity of the products imported under this trade mark. This has proven very effective however registrations are very minimal.

  • Pesticides Control Board


GRTU has asked for a meeting on the subject in order to have the section represented . A meeting is to be held shortly.



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