Fabian Demicoli

Park&Ride charge after 19.00hrs

GRTU was very pleased to note the change in the Park and Ride charge timings. GRTU had this week written to the Ministry for Infrastructure Transport and Communications and Arriva stating that unfortunately it had learnt that after 19.00hrs vehicles parked at Park&Ride are charged a hefty overtime rate. GRTU emphasised that as the Ministry is certainly aware shop hours are till 19.00hrs, meaning it is impossible for shop owners', shop employees' and shop consumers' cars parked at Park&Ride to avoid the overtime charge. In addition to this, shoppers using the Park&Ride facility must leave Valletta earlier than 19.00hrs if they have to be out of the parking facility by that time.


GRTU had thought that the whole idea behind this reform was to discourage parking in Valletta while encouraging shopping. With this new system parking at the Park&Ride is discouraged and due to this shopping is being limited by a shorter time window. GRTU complained that it couldn't understand how such an obvious problem was missed.

GRTU pointed out all the difficulties Valletta shop owners have been going through with the endless projects that have and are still to take place and the extreme constraint they are finding with limited parking places in town. GRTU also made it clear that although it is in favour of the project, it is not acceptable that this project would be of detriment to its members. 

The Park and Ride was originally devised as a safety valve to Valletta parking problems and in support of the Valletta shop-owners requests on the Parking shortage and the planned strategy to shift more of the morning shopping to late afternoon and evening. What is happening at Park & Ride now with these excessive after 19.00hrs charges is in direct contradiction of the original plan.

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