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Opposition launches Short-Term Measures to Reduce Traffic – GRTU reiterates urgency of practical immediate improvements

Traffic congestion within the limits of our country’s infrastructure has over the years developed into an imminent cause of concern for all, with direct effect on business. GRTU has first and foremost welcomed the fact that, following continuous pressure by its Transport Lobby Group, the issue has been raised on the national agenda by both Government and Opposition.

The document presented to social partners by the Leader of the Opposition Dr Simon Busuttil and Transport Shadow Minister
Dr Marthese Portelli, puts forward fifteen concrete shortterm actions, based on four pillars – a) Quality of Information b) Target Commuter Segments c) Infrastructural Investment d) Planning and Management. The proposed measures are:
1) Thorough Study of Situation
2) Information and Awareness
3) Upgrading School Transport Services
4) Dedicated Transport
5) Transport For Government Employees
6) Incentivising Other Commuter Segments Through Positive
Incentive Schemes
7) Waste Collection Process and Support Structure Review
8) Infrastructure Maintenance Program
9) Intermodality and Shared Nodes
10) Soft Nodes
11) Upgrading and Integrating Traffic Signal Infrastructure to
12) Coordination and Information on Road Works
13) Human Resource Utilization
14) Bringing Services Closer to the People
15) Information Technology Use
The full document can be accessed on
GRTU highlighted that proposals to address traffic congestion have been put forward by the SME Chamber time and time again because it is affecting business sectors which it represents. It is of concern to retailers as parking and traffic issues continue to isolate them from consumers who are opting for online shopping, whilst it also reflects additional operational costs to all road-related business operators, from goods distributors to passenger transport.
GRTU welcomed the document, describing it as putting forward actionable necessary actions which are positive incentives rather than disincentives and fines. GRTU also appreciated that a number of its own proposals brought together by members of GRTU’s Transport Lobby Group who emanate from businesses with hands-on daily experience on the road, were taken on board. GRTU shall continue working with both Government and Opposition on short-term measure and long-term planning to find solutions to this matter of great concern to businesses across the board and country in general.

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