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Officially Licensed WEEE and Packaging Waste Scheme run by the Business Community

GRTU's subsidiary company, Green mt Ltd, is now officially licensed to operate national waste management schemes on behalf of the Business Community with the support of Government and the Local Councils.

In this regard GRTU called  held a press conference earlier today to explain certain important aspects. 

Malta, as a Member State, has hefty obligation under European Union Law. Our present obligations for Waste Packaging are to collect 47 % and recycle 41 % of the total waste. For Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment 4 Kg per capita are to be collected and recycled.

As GRTU we accept and understand our environmental responsibility and through the utilisation of effective policies strive to create a greener community.

 What is Green mt?

Green mt is a not for profit GRTU subsidiary company that collects periodical premiums from members to handle their environmental responsibilities. The premiums commensurate to market share and product environmental impact. The excess funding received throughout any year will result in reduced premiums the following year.

Green mt utilise the latest technology and the services of waste handling companies to re-claim the maximum amount of waste generated by its members. It operated on the advice of a supervisory committee comprised of members from relevant business sectors as well as the local councils.

Green mt aims and objectives:

The effective protection of the environment ranging from limiting global warming to safeguarding the right of the individual to air of good quality free from toxic contaminants.

To encourage the business community to invest in the sale and use of energy efficient systems and to promote the re-use and recovery of waste.

To take over the legal obligations of the business community in respect of: Legal Notice 277 of 2006 (Packaging and waste packaging regulations)and Legal Notice 63 OF 2007(Waste Electrical and Electronic equipment )


Guaranteed cost effectiveness. Funds used for environmental purposes only.

Estimated Costs



Coherency across the product spectrum ensuring that costs are proportional and shared fairly.


PROJECTED 2008 €15.14 m

Together with MEPA, Green mt Ltd will create and maintain an effective enforcement strategy to eliminate ‘Free Riders'.

Green mt Ltd will strive to ensure a fair and level playing field for the Maltese entrepreneur.

A cleaner and healthier environment.

A holistic approach to handling WEEE and packaging waste based on results rather then profit making.

Extended Producer responsibility built on the ‘Polluter Pays Principle'.

Scheme will be in constant liaison with the Local Councils with the aim of building  greener communities

Present Situation:

The current registered producers with MEPA for Waste Packaging amount to 1650 and the current packaging placed on the market by these is 60,100t. The projected members of the waste packaging scheme is 5000, with the approximate packaging placed on the market at 90,000t.

The current registered producers with MEPA for WEEE amount to 342. The projected members of the WEEE scheme is 1500, with the approximate WEEE placed on the market at 12,000t.

More information regarding the new scheme can be obtained from GRTU offices.



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