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Occupational Standards for the Motoring Industry

GRTU together with NCHFE and MCCAA has met representatives from sectors covering the wider picture of the Motoring Industry with the aim to develop the said standards by the third quarter of 2015.

A main feature of occupational standards is that they link qualifications to the requirements of the labour market. The rationale for developing occupational standards is the strong assumed link between employment requirements and education when qualifications are related to occupational standards.

Occupational standards specify what main jobs involve, describing the professional tasks that need to be undertaken as well as the activities and the typical competences required for particular occupations. These standards are therefore classifications and definitions of the main jobs skills.

Mr Richard Curmi, Senior Manager at the Permanent Secretary’s Office within MEDE earlier on this year met GRTU representatives from the following sectors; sprayers panel beaters, auto electricians, maintenance and repair, roadwork  assistance, vehicle sales and other occupations within the sector. Mr Curmi explained how these standards serve different functions, for designing training curricula; in providing certification; and in helping employers appreciate the skills within their workforce and in recruitment. Occupational standards therefore involve the identification of the knowledge, skills and abilities required for people to carry out certain jobs. This should result in solidifying the quality and excellence of services within the sector through recognizable benchmarks of competences for different job roles. It will also serve as an opportunity to give value to those who have learned their skills and competences through life and the world of work without having had any formal certification.

GRTUhas throughout 2012,worked with NCFHE  in developing occupational standards for Motor Damage Assessorsand will continue to work with other sectors. The Malta Chamber of Motor Assessors (MCMA) within GRTU, represents more than 20 Maltese motor vehicle assessors, who are responsible for a range of activities particularly: Vehicle damage assessment; mechanical failures; vehicle fire investigations; electrical failures; expert witness; repairer assessment; car fleet surveys; conciliation and arbitration.

Mr Curmi said that these standards serve as a benchmark for skills to be assessed and indicate the best working practices and these need to be regularly updated to remain relevant.

A second meeting is scheduled for the first week of June to continue to establish Occupational Standards for the Motoring Industry. Further information can be obtained from Ms Carmen Borg tel: 21 230459 or on 79 232884.


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