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No Austerity – Hands off Self-Employed

 The message from the Commission on the budgetary situation in Malta did not reach GRTU with surprise. Director General Vince Farrugia, who is also Rapporteur of EESC on Budgetary Surveillance in the Euro Area, stated most strongly on Budget Day 2012 that more action needs to be taken to address the Budget deficit.


"It can be done". The GRTU however warns, as the Commission is doing, that further unproductive investment as subsidies to Airmalta  and further increases in emoluments to public sector employees will further endanger Malta's internal financial imbalances.  We must now act with diligence. GRTU insists to further support micro, small and medium enterprises. They have suffered and carried the measure burden to sustain employment and investment in the difficult period of recession. They cannot now, once again be made to pay and suffer while the non-productive sectors continue to receive the hefty handshakes of Government hand-outs.

Government must act serioiusly in favour of the productive sector. Hands off the schemes in support of small businesses. We welcome the establishment of the new Minister for Small Businesses and the self-employed announced in the latest Government and reshuffle, but more than words we want action. GRTU

stresses no reduction in the Capital Budget expenditure. Indeed we urge Government to move faster on the planned capital investment programmes as it is essential that expenditure is increased in the first 2 or 3 quarters of 2012 as the end of the year may otherwise suffer from the impact of falling receipts due to the EU slow to negative economic growth.

This is no time for unnecessary political bickering. This is the time for decisive action on the economic front .GRTU appeals to our political leaders, Government, Opposition and all other to give the economy a chance. We in business want to work. We can work and we can do our utmost to get the economy moving in these difficult times. But do not create unnecessary problems. Government must keep small businesses top on its agenda.

The plea for our people is one and clear: "let us work" says Vincent Farrugia Director General GRTU and EESC Employers Board Member.

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