Fabian Demicoli

Mission Impossible— POSSIBLE

 For several years we have heard of plans for Bisazza Street to be changed to a pedestrian area. So many talks and discussions have taken place, so many unfruitful meetings were held with business entities and all concerned. Finally this project is about to see the light of day.

GRTU has held various meetings with the Minister concerned, the business community and other effected parties during which  the following issues were discussed;

clear plan of the proposed project

alternative parking

distribution of goods

traffic management

clear date for commencement of works

Both recently and also in previous years various plans were presented and brought up for discussion. The Business Community to date are still in the dark of how and when this project will be finalised. They are unhappy and concerned about the lack of parking facilities and are insisting that the existing parking will remain as is and that any parking spaces lost due the introduction of this project will be replaced.

The Minister, Hon George Pullicino, informed that this issue is being taken seriously and a study is underway so that a solution will be found for the benefit of all in the shortest possible time. He also informed that if the study would be a success the parking facilities would be increased.

Once Bisazza Street would become a pedestrian area, Government would then be providing a free service for the distribution of goods and services. This service will be carried out by means of electric vehicles from the loading/unloading bays provided. Special permits would also be issued by the authorities concerned for emergencies and other important services.

It is being envisaged that the embellishment will commence from Tower Road in October, and will be finalised by the end of November 2008. It was suggested that during these months Bisazza Street would be occasionally closed on trial periods and that the public and all concerned be informed of traffic arrangements through the media. A survey will then be carried out following which all proposals and findings would be presented for discussion with Government and all concerned.

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