Fabian Demicoli

MEUSAC Core Group Meeting

Abigail Mamo –

The GRTU as member of the MEUSAC core group has once again participated in the core group meeting last Friday. The main points for discussion on the agenda were


National programme for the European Year 2010 for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion

To work on the programme the NCPE was entrusted with the role of national implementing body and MEUSAC helped them on the consultation of the subject. It was explained that €120 000 have been given through EU funds and the same amount was also devoted from National funds for carrying out the activities. The campaign was launched in Malta in February and the vulnerable groups that will be targeted will be: Persons with disability, homeless, children, youths and elderly, victims of domestic violence and addictions, the mentally ill, refugees, long term unemployed and ex-prisoners.

Joint report on social protection and social inclusion

It was explained that the idea of the joint report was to analyse the position of different Member Satates, covering social inclusion, pensions and health and long-term care. The report recognises that health care systems have helped to alleviate the effects of the crises. It highlights the diversity of social situations in the different Member States and the EU wants to reduce the gaps in safety nets. It outlines the need to combat unemployment and increase social inclusion. Unemployment in the EU stands at 9.6% going up to 10.2%. The highest levels are recorded among the young at 21% and the migrants at 19%. It was also pointed out the our pension reform addresses many of the concerns that come out of the report.

Other issues which were touched upon during the meeting were:

Family work balance

Hon Parliamentary Secretary Chris Said explained that the employment relations under his portfolio are presently conducting a comparative study on the different approaches to maternity leave. He explained that it already transpired that some member states had the revised system already in place however the financial burden is carried both by the employer and the state.

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