Fabian Demicoli

MCESD Presidency – A Sensible GRTU Proposal that was Refused

GRTU President Paul Abela has this
week written to the Minister of Social Diologue Hon. Helena Dalli on behalf of
the National Executive Council of GRTU Malta Chamber of Small and Medium
Enterprises with a proposal on the MCESD Presidency.
Mr Abela took the opportunity to once
again express GRTU's congratulations on her appointment as Minister for Social
Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties. He also thanked Hon Dalli for
consulting GRTU as members of MCESD on the appointment of a new Chairman for

GRTU believes that it is opportune
for a new reforming Government to immediately introduce a fundamental reform in
the selection of the Presidency of MCESD. This Council represents the highest
level of statutory consultation of the elected national Government with the
Social Partners and Civil Society. Government is represented on this Council and
indeed through the Principal Permanent Secretary's role as Vice-President, the
Government has a fundamental role. In GRTU's view therefore it is opportune
that government introduces, in agreement with MCESD, a new form for the
selection of the President of MCESD and a selection which is independent of
Government, as follows:

Presidency of MCESD becomes a roving Presidency as is practiced in the EU's
highest institutions and as is practiced by statute at the European Economic
and Social Committee.

Presidency becomes roving every 2 years between Employers Representatives,
Trade Union representatives and Civil Society representatives and in turn
roving among the member organisations within each group sitting on MCESD main
Council. Over a six year period all groups would thus have an opportunity to
Preside and over a longer period each organisation or Committee sitting on
Council will also have the opportunity to Preside Council and this without the
uncomfortable anxiety of selection on the part of Government.

The GRTU President also reminded the
Minister that GRTU is not in favour of the nominee for Chairman she had
recommended during their meeting. The proposal GRTU is presenting would,
however, resolve all issues of selectivity or any issue of favourable or
unfavourable comment as the selection will be up to the each representative
social partner and civil society group on Council and on a roving basis.
Government would only introduce the Rules of Procedure for approval by Council
prior to publishing as Legal Notice.

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