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MBR accepting documentation in electronic form

The Malta Business Registry reminds the public that the Registrar of Companies (the “Registrar”) is accepting documentation in electronic form. All documentation that is required to be submitted to the Registrar in accordance with Maltese company law procedures, may be validly submitted electronically by making use from one of the following methods:

(a) The Malta Business Registry’s online portal

 (b) The Malta Business Registry’s electronic submissions’ email address

All registered users on the current online portal may submit the necessary documentation using the already-established simple method referred to in (a). The information needed in order to follow this step may be found on

In case that a user is not in possession of a Maltese ID Card or does not hold the necessary infrastructure of a smart card reader, method (b) referred to above may instead be followed. The user in this case is only required to have a valid qualified electronic signature (Refer to Appendix A for more information) to complete electronic submissions and be able to sign the documentation electronically. All the forms and documentation required to be submitted for registration would need to be signed using the respective qualified electronic signature as issued by the qualified trust service provider. Once the documents are signed, the user may then proceed to send the documentation to dedicated email address on 

MBR urges you to limit the submission of documents / correspondence in paper-format unless it’s absolutely necessary. If documents are delivered to their premises in Zejtun, one can either hand them over directly to our front office staff or place them in a box situated at the entrance of our premises.

If one opts for the latter option, it is important that:

  1. all documents are accompanied by a covering letter listing all the documents submitted and the name and details of a contact person, and

  2. placed in a sealed envelope with the name of the company/ies clearly visible.

If documents are delivered by courier, in addition to points (1) and (2) above, the envelope must clearly state the name of the Company Service Provider. Envelopes having missing information will be sent back.

If you require assistance or clarification do not hesitate to MBR:

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